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Re: Good luck to Nole in Cinci - just relax and have some fun:-))

Originally Posted by The Cat Lady View Post

As for Nole - well - you know me - I am never that optimistic - if Nole was playing tennis against me, I'd still be scared of him losing And at least as a pessimist, you can always say "told you so" when you're proved right But- seriously- I think he just needs some time to get used to the rarified air "at the top" if you know what I mean, and that may take him the rest of this year to do, or maybe even longer Remember even Sampras had a gap in big wins between winning his first Grand Slam in the US in 1990, and his next in 1993 So all I hope is that he has fun, stays healthy, and enjoys playing tennis - the rest will follow.
I'm the same as you but lets try be like Herdwick, we can try. Optimism is good cure

Have a nice sunday both Herdwick and Rose

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