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Re: Good luck to Nole in Cinci - just relax and have some fun:-))

Originally Posted by Herdwick View Post
Morning - equilibrium restored all round by now? (Shall stay well clear of the blether thread as it still seems strained but then I usually do.)

So, qualified optimism for Cincy but concerns remain. Feeling under pressure and not at top form he may have been but there's no denying Nole's game was made to appear one-dimensional and predictable at times by Andy. This is potentially significant and will not go unnoticed elsewhere.

If he can keep this week's form up Andy should be no 4 pretty soon and deservedly so - there's no one else in the top 10 with a better claim right now to my mind.
Morning dear Have to agree with you on the first paragraph I am doing the same

Also have to agree with you about Murray - I am not a fan of his personality or on-court demeanour at all - but he played damned well against Nole,- and, on that form, deserves a higher spot.

As for Nole - well - you know me - I am never that optimistic - if Nole was playing tennis against me, I'd still be scared of him losing And at least as a pessimist, you can always say "told you so" when you're proved right But- seriously- I think he just needs some time to get used to the rarified air "at the top" if you know what I mean, and that may take him the rest of this year to do, or maybe even longer Remember even Sampras had a gap in big wins between winning his first Grand Slam in the US in 1990, and his next in 1993 So all I hope is that he has fun, stays healthy, and enjoys playing tennis - the rest will follow.

Have a nice Sunday - and hope it's not so sticky/hot/disgustingly humid in your part of the UK as it is down here.


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