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Originally Posted by kokot View Post
jay jay,

good post.i hope you didnt get me wrong.i never said that dogs with huge odd is the one i,i look at matchup,form,conditions,and then odd.if all looks fine,i give it a go.but here,no offence to anyone,i just see the same people make it the same bet,just copy the bet,and then hope to win,because someone else took it too.for me betting is exciting,and oh well so far winning.the most important thing is money managment.100000%.if that u get wrong once u can regropu,but if u dont,you will be in deep shit.
Gambling can give you a buzz at times, but when trying to make it as a profession you just have to be simply ruthless about it and treat it like a true business. It can be difficult to often disassociate the two, but if you ask any professional, then it is the outlook you have to take and adhere to.

If you're gambling as an secondary income, as a supplement, then sure you can relax the rules a little and if a few bets don't go your way it's not the end of the world. If you're gambling as a profession you can't afford to be so lax, there really is no negotiation with that.

GL with your betting future.
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