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M. CILIC/A. Roddick
6 4, 4 6, 6 4
THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is that one of your best victories in your career?
MARIN CILIC: I wouldn't say so. I played also in González quite good match, and played twice with Davydenko when he was third and fourth, I think.
So I wouldn't say it's the best one. I had also...

Q. One of the best?
MARIN CILIC: Yeah, it is definitely one of the best. You don't have a chance to beat top 10 player every month, so it's a good effort.

Q. In the beginning of the year you said that your goal was to be in the top 40 by the end of the season. You got there pretty fast after Australia and since then. You're around there. You've beaten top players. What's the goal now for the end of the season?
MARIN CILIC: I didn't set any goals so far until the end of the season. I'm just going to try as good as I can. I also played Australian Open and Wimbledon very good. I reached the second week, which was really good for my confidence and for my game.
So I think I'm just going to try to play good tennis and try to focus on that. I'm not going to put any pressure to reaching some point with the ranking.

Q. You were up a break in the second set and things got away from you. Talk about this a little bit. What was going through your mind?
MARIN CILIC: Well, yeah, I was they are serving on 4 3 in second set. He started to play a little bit better, put a little more balls in the court. There I lost a little bit my concentration and focus. I made few unforced errors, and then he got back in the game and he was playing good at that point. Also crowd helped him a little bit to get his mental side back.
But when I lost that second set I put myself back together, and I was just thinking to start really good the third set. That thing was, I think, really crucial. врот мышь читай....в этом вся Мрня

Q. Talk but beginning of the third. When you got that break, did it help you get over what had just happened in the second?
MARIN CILIC: Well, yeah, I forget already what was happening in the second set. I was just focused on the third set. I knew that I have to play every point the best I can and not let him any not to give him any chances to come back. Сынку фик сломаешь, упрется и давай перебирать ластами и гнуть свою линию

Q. Andy Roddick said that you came out really aggressive and he liked your aggressiveness. Was that a game plan of yours?
MARIN CILIC: Well, I'm usually playing like that. I'm trying to play as aggressive as I can and try to serve good, and that was working very good today. I was moving him around quite good and exposing him on both sides. That was working very well.
He obviously didn't have a lot of chances to attack, which was really good thing for me.

Q. He seemed like he was getting frustrated with the umpire. Did all that arguing throw your game off any? Didn't seem like it affected you.
MARIN CILIC: No, I mean, it's just I mean, that's him. He's maybe he was just feeling at that point he should argue with the referee.
For me, didn't really matter. I was just focused on myself and trying to play my game.

Q. You get Simon next. What do you know about his game?
MARIN CILIC: I played him a few times. Once last year in Wimbledon we played a really tough five set match. He's really good player, very solid. I watched him a little bit last night with Federer, and he was playing really good and not missing any balls.
Obviously he's in good shape and good form, so I think it's going to be tough match. But I think I have a chance if I play as good as today.

Q. Even so early in your career the name on the other side doesn't seem to bother you.
MARIN CILIC: Well, I mean, I played already few of those guys. On the beginning of my pro career I was a little bit it was a little bit for me different. I was a little more nervous at that time.
Now I got used to it and I played a lot on Grand Slams and a lot of tough matches, so it didn't bother me at all.

Q. You train at the Bob Brett Academy. Who is your traveling coach?
MARIN CILIC: Well, so far Bob will help me when he can. He travels with me sometimes. When he's not with me I'm with my brother. That's the thing, so...

Q. Simon has said that he's tired. Obviously he played a lot of matches. How are you feeling fatigue wise?
MARIN CILIC: I'm feeling fine. Today I had a little bit adrenaline so I was pumped up. So far I'm feeling really good, and I think for tomorrow I'm going to be fresh.

Q. Talk a little bit about returning that serve of Roddick's, because it's a pretty big serve and you seem to be getting a hold of it.
MARIN CILIC: Yeah, I was in good position on his serve, when he was serving, and I was able to put a lot returns back, which was a really good thing for me because he had to play and work a lot on his serve, which he is not used to.
So that was the thing, I think, that helped me to break him so many times.

Q. Simon is a good player, but is it a bigger opportunity for you with Roger out?
MARIN CILIC: I mean, I would say yes, because if Roger is playing obviously he can play much better than he played last night. So I think it's good opportunity for me and also for Simon to advance.
But well see what's going to happen. We are both, I think, in good shape and good form, so I think it's going to be quite interesting.
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