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Re: Best stretches before a match?

dynamic stretching: pre match
static stretching: post match

dynamic stretching incorporates a movement in stretching that reflects more the movement of actual play... whereas static stretching may actually trick the body into feeling too relaxed, unready for explosive movements... dynamic stretching looks too address the body need to, in tennis, warm up fast, agile movements...

... in one of his title fights... thomas 'hitman' hearns trainer walked in to the changing room pre fight and nearly punched the shit out of one of his handlers who was giving hearns a static stretch and massage... this is turns was asking hearns body to switch off and relax... the trainer quickly got him shadow boxing and doing to chin ups n press ups - knowing that hearns muscles needed to be tight and ready to pop...

good site... can help explain some techniques... and how to make certain static stretches dynamic...

ads, probably stay away from this one...

mate... i am a slow starter in matches... more a mental thing tho... but, the only way i ever stopped feeling sluggish is to stretch everyday, not just before and after...

its good advice... i just wished i practised what i preached a bit more...

good luck...

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