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some good responses here have to admit.of course coin has two sides.i lost as well but in the long run,ig u have the same stakes,and u have good money managment ull be least i am.

back to value,how many of you are betting without odds?i mean,look at the matchup on oop,and choose the player,then look at the odds?i do it maximum 20% of the time but mostly,i check the odds.this makes the conclussion about last night fedex-simon.if you wouldnt see that 38 odd on simon would you choose him?i fuck wouldnt even touch lets look from the other way,asume u didnt see the odd on u choose simon,and then look at the odds and fedex for some reason would have odd 1.6.would you still take simon at 2.4odd?????fucking give me break!so plz dont tell me that simon was value.didnt see that game have admit but to take player just because idiotic odds,it is not called value,but not smart betting,put it nicely.another example levine.would u choose him knowing that he would be at odd 2.4?surely i wouldnt.

value,mean for someone one thing for someone else opposite.

to the betting as a job.i know for example at least 5 people in my area who are succsefull in that.but not in is capping purely 2.division german,another 1st point is that they dont touch anything else and just follow one league.and yes they had bad times,but overall they made steady 38% per many of us can say that?but of course they dont play for peanuts.

to sum it up,great info from contributers,at least for to share the thoughts with other punters here.

keep up the good work!if u think that i might be wrong or if u agree post it!
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