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Originally Posted by kokot View Post
dont know if there is a thread already about it,is it is please direct me.

i would like to know how many of you take betting as a for instant,i work 1 job and have dveloping company.but the winnings payed for my last 2 vacations.aruba,mauritius full covared.myaverage bet is around 300euro.

as i am watching the gamblers lounge,it seems people are just writing,what they think.or guess.tey say value this value that,but fuck,if u bet 5 euro,who the fuck cares???u wan to win big or just fuck around?most of the companies out there are making money of this morons,who take for example levine @27 vs nadal.they say its value...fuck off,if u bet 4$.

so i hope u got my point and feel free to share your thoughts!
^ Best Bloke!

I agree.

I hate comming on the forums and seeing people pick 10 $3.00+ dogs, and saying "Value". I havent ever picked a dog lol.
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