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Re: Do you watch Live Streaming on the Internet?

Originally Posted by Jig-Jag View Post
I do and it eats up my download quickly. I have Pay TV, but i can't get certain football leagues and i can't view certain NBA or other games etc. My problem is, why the hell does TPG, my internet company set off peak download at 4am - 9am.. I'm friggin asleep then dickheads.

I watch to much and download too much.

Come on out with it, share your feedback.
I think your problem is that because you are in Australia, your Internet Service Provider places restrictions on the amount of internet bandwidth/download amount you are allowed to use. ISPs in Australia probably pay a lot more for connections to the rest of the world.

In Europe and North America, bandwidth is much cheaper, and most stream servers are located not that far away with good connections, so there are actually very few ISPs that restrict the amount you download. Basic streams don't even take up that much bandwidth compared to the max download speed that is offered (several megabit/s).

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