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Re: Maiden ATP crown - numbers

Thierry Tulasne: 29th tournament if i counted well (but you'd better check ) ----------) Bastad 1981
Julien Boutter 75 th(??) -----) Casablanca 2003
Ulf Stenlund 11 th ------) Palermo 1986
Van Winitsky 76 th (??) ------) Hong-Kong 1981
Vincent Van Patten 47 th ------) Tokyo 1981

It's saturday evening so i have no time for more precision, but this players are also missing:

Shuzo Matsuoka (Seoul 1992)
Nicolas Pereira (Bogota 1994)
Martin Sinner (Copenhagen 1995)
Mauricio Hadad (Bermuda 1995)
Alex O'Brien (New Haven 1996)

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