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Correcting false techniques

Ok here is the deal..I am pretty poor player. I have played 4 summers but I haven't been into any tennis courses so I have learned my own techniques. They are clearly wrong, I thought I was maybe avarage amateur player but when I tried couple of more expensive racket I realized that I didn't know how to play with them, lack of power use and so on. Now I play with my cheap loose net Wilson.

So, now I have started watching and learning the right techniques from internet and tried to get more body to shots. This has been suprisingly hard, I have tried hitting these balls for a few days and mostly trainging just my topsin forehand and backhand. Now I get more power to my shots but it seems very hard to get enough topsin to the shots without the ball going to the net. Either the ball flies to the sky without spin or the shot goes to the net when I try to swing faster the racket after hitting the ball to my shoulders (rainbow). What's wrong? Why can't I make this simple shot correctly so that the ball drops to the court? Good advice needed
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