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Re: Hardcourt season 2008

Originally Posted by Truc View Post
He really could improve his stamina, it happens way too often he's exhausted after one set, even if it was very hot.
He desperately needs to improve his stamina. He seems to get tired so quickly and you're right it's one of the things he could easily improve if he just commits to doing it. It will give him more confidence on the court as well. I think it has improved Andy Murray's game. Remember what his fitness was like.

Originally Posted by Truc View Post
1st round in doubles today, let's hope Nico wants to make up for his loss (he entered the MD of Toronto, so he doesn't need to go there for the qualies.)
They will be playing at the same time Frank is playing - 12:00 EST - so I can follow both of them at the same time.

Originally Posted by Truc View Post
Simon and Mahut spent much of their match battling in long baseline volleys.
I'm sure it was a mistake and they meant to put long baseline rallies. The two words being similiar sounding so it's easy to get them mixed up.

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