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Re: MTF Posters Favourite Football Teams

Originally Posted by ..::Manon::.. View Post
Not true. Dinamo was UEFA Fairs cup champion. UEFA cup didn't exist back in 1967. Dinamo was represent SFR Yugoslavia, so yours and mine.

Croatia is big football power now, Serbia not, but that's not the point. Point is (back to the topic) Torcida was always been much more devoted than Bad Blue Boys. Botom line.

I am 46, you? Don't teach me about footbal in former Yugoslavia. Better for you.

N.B. *Nota Bene Deathles, use dictionary* - this is my first ever 'issue' with any Croatian. I have a great friends there, relatives. As a fired up young girl you can't spoil my love to your country.

N.B II - I am alive too, older then them. Good for me?
It was what UEFA Cup is now. Big deal the name was different. Maybe they did represent Yugoslavia but it was and still is a Croatian club.
You are right, Serbia sucks.
How exactly has torcida been more devoted? I remember when they were digging holes on the pitch because they were unhappy with how Hajduk played I don't know of any case when BBB turn their back to the team, refresh my memory if you can. I'm 16, and who cares about Yugoslavia, it's past, stop living in it.
I know what NB means because I'm going to school where Latin is important and is being learned for all 4 years. Pretty lame for a 46 year old calling me a girl. Somebody would've thought you could come up with something better
So, you said you're 46 years old, and now you're saying you're older than the guys who played for Dinamo in 1967? They are ALL older than you, it's easy math mate
Oh and, you should use your dictionary, maybe then you would know how to spell botTom, footbalL and deathlesS. Cheers

"a kad me opet gore vrati zahvalit' ću Mu prvo
što nam je dao komad zemlje što je za sebe sačuv'o"
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