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Re: Playing on synthetic

Synthetic Grass Friendly Shots:

Heavy Sliced Serves
Flat 1st Serves
Backhand Slice
Chip/Open Faced Returns

(x 10 when wet)

Synthetic Grass isnt a bad surface.... unfortunately, many clubs misinterpret 'Low Maintenance' for 'No Maintenance' ... and in countries with wetter climates... the surface is dangerous much of the time... IMO.

The bounce is consistant... contistantly low... compared with clay or hardcourt. On a dry day with a bit of heat, a synthtic court without too much sand can present a ball that will 'pop' up to a height common with a quicker hardcourt.

A properly kept Synthetic Grass court will enable you to slide into shots much like a clay surface, as there is supposed to be a sandy film on top of the courts. However, in wetter climates, usually the sand washes away and is not reapplied as much as it needs to be.

A heavy ball with no spin or slice with come through the court and on to the racquet quicker - if u are tuned more to playing on slower surafces, the ball might actually feel as tho it is picking up speed off the bounce...


a tactic that may be adopted is to chip/open face all returns early in a match where the conditions are super quick. I know of a nation that plays all its top level tournaments on the surface... and, the tactic used by the top players on return is 'Chip/Block 1st serves, Chip 2nd until you are into the match.'

Winning serve can be easy enough on this surface - yet, it is server friendly, therefore adopting a sound return tactic is perhaps the best way to approach a match on the surface.

Approaching the net from sliced shots is a good tactic in general play. As the bounce is generally low anyway, a sliced shot is even lower... if you are to attack from a decent slice - either short or deep - then, the defender will be forced to play the ball up...

Study the backround of the player you are up against.. maybe the surface is even more foreign to them - and, anything that works on you - will more than likely work on on them as well.

Good Luck...

ps: what is the climate like in the region you will be playing in...?

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