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Re: PAW(Pick A Winner) #40 - Newport

Scoring Points

Matches in GREEN to be played on Sunday.
Matches in RED can no longer be picked.

(WC)AMRITRAJ, Prakash IND       vs      (2)SANTORO, Fabrice FRA                (27-4) 

Semi Finals

(7)DANCEVIC, Frank CAN          vs     (WC)AMRITRAJ, Prakash IND               (5-22)
SPADEA, Vincent USA             vs      (2)SANTORO, Fabrice FRA                (13-8)      

3rd Round

(4)KUNITSYN, Igor RUS           vs      (7)DANCEVIC, Frank CAN                 (9-11)    
(WC)AMRITRAJ, Prakash IND       vs     (Q) BOPANNA, Rohan IND                  (12-9)   
NAVARRO, Ivan ESP               vs     (2)SANTORO, Fabrice FRA                 (14-7)
SPADEA, Vincent USA             vs     (Q) PEYA, Alexander AUT                 (7-15)              

2nd Round

(1)FISH, Mardy USA              vs      (Q) BOPANNA, Rohan IND                 (4-26)
(4)KUNITSYN, Igor RUS           vs          LEDOVSKIKH, Mikhail RUS            (6-16)
(WC)(6)YOUNG, Donald USA        vs      (Q) PEYA, Alexander AUT                (6-15)
(3)MAHUT, Nicolas FRA           vs          SPADEA, Vincent USA                (8-12) 
(2)SANTORO, Fabrice FRA         vs          QURESHI, Aisam-Ul-Haq PAK          (6-16)
(7)DANCEVIC, Frank CAN          vs      (Q) EVANS, Brandan USA                 (7-15)
LEVINE, Jesse USA               vs      (WC)AMRITRAJ, Prakash IND              (5-19)         
NAVARRO, Ivan ESP               vs      (8)ANDERSON, Kevin RSA                 (12-9)

1st Round

(5)ISNER, John USA              vs          LEVINE, Jesse USA                  (8-12)
(WC)(6)YOUNG, Donald USA        vs      (Q) JUN, Woong-Sun KOR                 (6-17)
(7)DANCEVIC, Frank CAN          vs      (WC)DENT, Taylor USA                   (2-48)
(8)ANDERSON, Kevin RSA          vs          MULLER, Gilles LUX                 (10-10)
SPADEA, Vincent USA             vs          STADLER, Simon GER                 (7-14)
BECKER, Benjamin GER            vs          QURESHI, Aisam-Ul-Haq PAK          (8-12)
PETZSCHNER, Philipp GER         vs      (Q) PEYA, Alexander AUT                (7-14)
PLESS, Kristian DEN             vs          LEDOVSKIKH, Mikhail RUS            (8-13)
CAPDEVILLE, Paul CHI            vs      (Q) EVANS, Brandan USA                 (7-13)
NAVARRO, Ivan ESP               vs          DE VOEST, Rik RSA                  (10-10)
SIRIANNI, Joseph AUS            vs      (WC)AMRITRAJ, Prakash IND              (6-17)
KIM, Kevin USA                  vs      (Q) BOPANNA, Rohan IND                 (8-13)

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