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Re: The "Harem of Tursunov Fanboy Ted" Chat Thread

Originally Posted by The Cat Lady View Post
Oh - and see Gab has changed our thread title to one the lovely Ted should approve of
Indeed. So Gab is the one who did it ? I should thank her Thank you Gab You really know how to make a man happy (see, it doesn't have to be sexual, What Gab's done made my day )

Originally Posted by Connie View Post
Clement is too short And his shorts are too short too
Yes, but the shorter the shorts, the longer his legs look

Originally Posted by Mrs. Fabregas View Post
Hey Ted, Frens here ... welcome and how nice it is to have a male to protect us from all the bad trolls things
This is what Dima would do for you you're right, I'm your protector. Get me some trolls.

Originally Posted by Mrs. Fabregas View Post
Drowning sorrow in wine is but no red one for me though ... Just one sip of it and me is going and am a total drunk after that! I'd love to stick just with white and rose.... works for me

And are you talking about me as Fran?? Cuz me ain't a Frenchie, but a proud Dutchie .... How's Holland on your favourite country list??
Red is also good. You just have to relish it with cheese, or meat for example. Don't drink too much. Three bottles per meal seems reasonnable, don't trespass that.

No, Fran is known as "Truc". She mainly posts on the French Players forums.

Holland is dear to me. On facebook they said that if I were a capital, I would be amsterdam, for the pleasant atmosphere reigning there. Plus, I know James from there. Do you know James ?

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