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Re: The "Harem of Tursunov Fanboy Ted" Chat Thread

Thanks guys

Di - I hate injections, I hope I never have to get one, eveeer...but I'm sure I will Hope it won't be that bad, sweetie And I only like screwdrivers, I can't drink pure vodka As for Veliko, it's like a little mountain town. It's not really on a mountain, it's on 3 hills or something like that It has pretty narrow streets, that are very abrupt (I don't wanna know how those people get around during winter). The houses are very pretty, I'd love owning one over there. And the views from certain places are to die for When Vass and Rada get home I'll be sure to ask them for some pics. I have a few on my phone. Will post them later today. In case you wanna know more -> ...

Connie I know exactly what you mean Fluffy loves leaving "presents" like that once in a while. Hope your kitty is ok!
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Morning :wavey What a busy morning I've had - my house is spotless now Next door have workmen in doing something to their double glazing - so I didn't get a lie in, on my day off this morning - just took the opportunity to do some housework - how exciting :rolleyes
At least your house is clean
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Update about mom: she's having a new cast now, a purple :inlove and this one has to stay for around 3 weeks, then they'll do an xray to see how it healed, and if it's healing, she'll have some kind of support cast, which will be removable so she can take it off from time to time!

I won around 350 euro's in the footie poll on my fathers work... Out did all the male "soccer know it alls" :angel
That's great, Frens Purple

Take that guys!!!
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Lexie :hug Did you had fun??

Have a lovely day, guys

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