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Re: The "Harem of Tursunov Fanboy Ted" Chat Thread

Originally Posted by The Cat Lady View Post

Alex bought me flowers (What has he got to feel guilty about? )
Only thing i'm going to say: JEWEL!!!!!! (i just forget about your last comment... be a bit more secure about the 2 of you!)

Originally Posted by patchett View Post

I don't have animals right now, but I did have a called Mats. She died after an attempt at surgery. They brought her round but she was never the same,so I had to have her put down.
I so know how it feels

Originally Posted by patchett View Post
Good morning :wavey

Well I'm not feeling so great this morning I have to go for an injection in my back I know I'm going to feel really **** afterwards I'll be like a zombie So,I don't know how much I'll be here today

If I don't post much in here today,don't worry :hug I usually feel better after 48 hours or so,then the injection kicks in and takes the pain away :banana
How's your back doing now, a bit better already?? Why do you need it btw?? What's wrong with the back??

Originally Posted by Connie View Post

Poupina vomitted on my bed last night :awww And next to my bed, on the bedroomfloor I so like to clean up catvomit in the middle of the night
How lovely
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