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Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs. Day 3 Diffs on post #387.

Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semifinals & Promotion/Relegation Play Offs

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.


- In case of a tie, a tie-breaker will decide who moves on to the next round.
New tie-break method:

- In case a player (i.e. the actual ATP Player) retires in a match, this match will be counted as long as one point has been played. If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

How to Sign-Up:

Captains (the same players who lead teams in previous rounds) pick 2, 3 or 4 players to be in the team and choose using whatever methods you like. Please confirm teams as soon as possible, so that not picked players are able to commit to a challenger in DC SFs week.

Please read this post for more information

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner in every match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: ?, day #]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you're still in both singles & doubles, you use the same tips for both. For Davis Cup doubles, you tip the Davis Cup doubles rubbers. No changes can be made after the play has started.

Additional Rules

1. Players will be allowed to make tactical changes to the doubles and reverse singles up until the start of play for that day - the captains must pm me to inform me before the days' play starts though.

2. Non playing members of each team may send me in their tips each day as backup incase one of the other members of their team doesn't send in their tips.


If the board goes down as has happened before, send your picks to

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

TT Davis Cup 2007 Draw World Group SF - Draws & Results

Day 1 Matches Counted:17
Day 1 Remaining:0

Day 2 Matches Counted:9
Day 2 Remaining:0

Day 2 Matches Counted:8
Day 2 Remaining:0

02:03|Romania vs Singapore
13:13| Alekutza vs Balloon PTS1 7:7, PTS2 VOID, PTS3 4:10
11:13| Deea vs Buddy
12:10| Iza/Mara_M vs Balloon/Buddy
07:07| Iza vs Balloon SR4
05:05| Alekutza vs Buddy SR5

02:03| Brazil vs Serbia
13:11| Virex vs Grofica
13:13| Tytta vs savestheday91 SR1 Lacko 3:1: Lacko3:0
14:08| Keqtqiadv/Tytta vs Grofica/savestheday91
04:06| GlennMirnyi vs Grofica
05:06| Keqtqiadv vs savestheday91

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

TT Davis Cup 2007 Draw World Group Play Offs - Draw & Results

Day 1 Matches Counted:17
Day 2 Remaining:0

Day 2 Matches Counted:9
Day 2 Remaining:0

Day 3 Matches Counted:8
Day 3 Remaining:0

03:02| Australia vs Belgium
13:11| Aussie_Fan vs Foosimoo
11:12| Tankman vs Cleo1986
14:09| Aussie_Fan/Tankman vs Nalrodd/Cleo1986
05:04| Tankman vs Foosimoo
04:05| Aussie_Fan vs Nalrodd

05:00| The Netherands vs Spain
12:10| Sheva vs Freesbee
12:10| Tennis2006 vs SloKid
12:00| Sheva/Tennis2006 vs Freesbee/SloKid
05:00| Tennis2006 vs Freesbee
06:00| Sheva vs SloKid

03:02|Israel vs Hungary
12:13| Tal20 vs qczi
13:12| Vamos Israel vs east_players
12:12| Tal20/Vamos Israel vs qczi/east_players SR4
05:06| Sharas36 vs east_players
07:06| Vamos Israel vs qczi

01:04|Finland vs Belarus
12:13| Smasher vs gaynor
13:13| Labamba vs [alt]AdeeGee (SR1 Lacko 3:0: Lacko 3:1
11:12| Smasher/Labamba vs AdeeGee/The Cat Lady
04:05| Smasher vs The Cat Lady
06:07| Labamba vs gaynor

01:04|USA vs India
12:11| Coreyschucky vs Srinath_Kng (Corey needs Horna
11:13| Allez-Alejo vs Shivaram
08:09| LaTenista/Coresychucky vs Srinath_Kng/Shivaram
06:07| Allez-Alejo vs Srinath_Kng
06:07| Coreyschucky vs Shivaram

02:03|Argentina vs Croatia
13:09| GustavoM_Fan vs JadrankaHR
13:13| Aguante_el_Gato vs TennisFanCroatia SR1 Lacko3:1:Lacko 3:0
13:12| GustavoM_Fan/Caralimon vs Deathless Mortal/Superior1
07:07| GustavoM_Fan vs TennisFanCroatia SR4
07:07| Caralimon vs Deathless Mortal SR4

03:02| Great Britain vs Chile
14:14| Alansk vs Alonsofz (SR1 Lacko 3:0:Lacko3:!)
14:13| Greatkingrat vs Soltmann_89
10:11| Greatkingrat/LK_22 vs +Alonso/Fergie
00:05| LK_22 vs Fergie
05:05| Alansk vs +Alonso SR4

00:05|Austria vs Russia
13:14| Tiptopdaisy vs Dmitriy
10:14| Garlichead vs Nadie
04:09| Tiptopdaisy/Garlichead vs Dmitriy/Nadie
00:05| Garlichead vs Dmitriy
00:06| Tiptopdaisy vs Nadie

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

TT DC Day 3 Matches

Davydenko, N. (RUS) vs Haas, T. (GER) PTS1
Andreev, I. (RUS) vs Kohlschreiber, P. (GER)
Djokovic, N. (SER) vs Hewitt, L. (AUS) PTS2
Tipsarevic, J. (SER) vs Luczak, P. (AUS)
Johansson, T. (SWE) vs Roddick, A. (USA) PTS3
Johansson, J. (SWE) vs Blake, J. (USA)
Horna, L. (PER) vs Mirnyi, M. (BLR) PTS4
Miranda, I. (PER) vs Voltchkov, V. (BLR)
Suzuki, T. (JPN) vs Pavel, A. (ROM) PTS5
Soeda, G (JPN) vs Hanescu, V. (ROM)
Lacko, L. (SVK) vs Lee, H. (KOR) PTS6
Klizan, M (SVK) vs Jun, W. (KOR)
Berdych, T. (CZE) vs Federer, R. (SUI) PTS7
Stepanek, R. (CZE) vs Wawrinka, S. (SUI)
Sela, D. (ISR) vs Gonzalez, F. (CHI) PTS8
Okun, N. (ISR) vs Massu, N. (CHI)

8 PTS matches to try and compensate for any lineup changes. First match starts at 02:00GMT. Remember also that dead rubbers won't count

TT DC Day 2 Matches


**Please send tips with the country name only. Below are the scheduled line ups but as always these are likely to change. First match starts at 04:00GMT


TT DC Day 1 Matches
Andreev, I. (RUS) vs Haas, T. (GER) PTS4
Davydenko, N. (RUS) vs Kohlschreiber, P. (GER)
Johansson, J. (SWE) vs Roddick, A. (USA)
Johansson, T. (SWE) vs Blake, J. (USA) PTS5
Djokovic, N. (SER) vs Luczak, P. (AUS)
Tipsarevic, J. (SER) vs Hewitt, L. (AUS)
Melzer, J. (AUT) vs Bellucci, T. (BRA)
Koubek, S. (AUT) vs Mello, R. (BRA)
Murray, A. (GBR) vs Cilic, M. (CRO)
Henman, T. (GBR) vs Ljubicic, I. (CRO) PTS2
Stepanek, R. (CZE) vs Federer, R. (SUI)
Berdych, T. (CZE) vs Wawrinka, S. (SUI)
Suzuki, T. (JPN) vs Hanescu, V. (ROM)
Soeda, G (JPN) vs Pavel, A. (ROM) PTS3
Klizan, M (SVK) vs Lee, H. (KOR)
Lacko, L. (SVK) vs Jun, W. (KOR) PTS1
Horna, L. (PER) vs Voltchkov, V. (BLR)
Miranda, I. (PER) vs Mirnyi, M. (BLR)

Please send tips to me before 03:00 GMT

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

Schedule of Play
World Group 2007 - Semifinal
Venue: Olympic Stadium, Moscow, Russia (clay – indoors)

Nikolay Davydenko
Mikhail Youzhny
Dmitry Tursunov
Igor Andreev
Captain: Shamil Tarpischev

Tommy Haas
Philipp Kohschreiber
Alexander Waske
Philipp Petzschner
Captain: Patrik Kuhnen

Venue: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden (carpet-indoors)

Jonas Bjorkman
Thomas Johansson
Joachim Johansson
Simon Aspelin
Captain: Mats Wilander

Andy Roddick
James Blake
Mike Byran
Bob Byran
Captain: Patrick McEnroe

World Group, Play-offs 2007
Venue: Canada Stadium, Ramat Hasharon, Israel (hard – outdoors)

Dudi Sela
Noam Okun
Jonathan Erlich
Andy Ram
Captain: Eyal Ran

Fernando Gonzalez
Nicolas Massu
Paul Capdeville
Adrian Garcia
Captain: Hans Gildemeister

*Only reverse singles will be included for Israel vs Chile due to the first day singles and doubles being played a day earlier than the other ties

Venue: Beogradska Arena, Belgrade, Serbia (clay – indoors)

Novak Djokovic
Janko Tipsarevic
Viktor Troicki
Nenad Zimonjic
Captain: Bogdan Obradovic

Lleyton Hewitt
Chris Guccione
Peter Luczak
Paul Hanley
Captain: John Fitzgerald

Venue: Olympiaworld Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria (carpet – indoors)

Jürgen Melzer
Stefan Koubek
Werner Eschauer
Julian Knowle
Captain: Gilbert Schaller

Flavio Saretta
Ricardo Mello
Andre Sa
Marcelo Melo
Captain: Francisco Costa

Venue: Rinconada Country Club, Lima, Peru (clay – outdoors)

Luis Horna
Ivan Miranda
Matias Silva
Mauricio Echazu
Captain: Jaime Yzaga

Max Mirnyi
Vladimir Voltchkov
Andrei Karatchenia
Uladzimir Ignatik
Captain: Dmitry Tatur

Venue: All England Lawn Tennis Club, London, UK (grass – outdoors)

Tim Henman
Andy Murray
Jamie Murray
Jamie Baker
Captain: John Lloyd

Ivan Ljubicic
Marin Cilic
Roko Karanusic
Lovro Zovko
Captain: Goran Prpic

Venue: Sazka Arena, Prague 9, Czech Republic (carpet – indoors)

Tomas Berdych
Radek Stepanek
Lukas Dlouhy
Martin Damm
Captain: Jaroslav Navratil

Roger Federer
Stanislas Wawrinka
Michael Lammer
Yves Allegro
Captain: Severin Luthi

Venue: Namihaya Dome Main Arena, Osaka, Japan (carpet – indoors)

Takao Suzuki
Go Soeda
Satoshi Iwabuchi
Yuichi Sugita
Captain: Eiji Takeuchi

Andrei Pavel
Victor Hanescu
Florin Mergea
Horia Vlad Tecau
Captain: Adrian Marcu

Venue: Sibamac Arena, Bratislava, Slovak Republic (clay – indoors)

Lukas Lacko
Michal Mertinak
Ivo Klec
Martin Klizan
Captain: Miloslav Mecir

Hyung-Taik Lee
Kyu-Tae Im
Woong-Sun Jun
Jae-Sung An
Captain:Young-Dai Jeon

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

TT Davis Cup Semi Finals Preview

In what looks like being an incredible weekend the top 4 TT players in the world and 7 of the 10 are all in action for their countries as they try to clinch either a place in this year's final or a place in next year's World Group. Below I preview the forthcoming ties and put my neck on the line as I give my verdict on who will come through.

Romania vs Singapore
At first glance, Romania look like firm favourites to win this tie but scratch the surface and you will see that they have been hit by several problems. First scythe19pro sensationally stood down as captain before the tie and stand-in captain Mara_M, whilst still a top doubles player, has suffered a number of off-court distractions and has been in a major slump in singles this year and has been reduced to a Challenger level player. Sensibly she has stuck to doubles for this tie but her replacement in singles Alekutza hasn’t fared any better either this year and has also struggled badly, mainly in qualifying, and many people feel she may be too nice to truly make it in the cut-throat world of TT. They have also scraped through their last 2 matches against Australia and Portugal to get this far, whilst Singapore have cruised past the USA and Bulgaria.
Balloon and Buddy make up the Singapore team and seem to work well together. Buddy, in particular, seems to come alive for Davis Cup and has defied his lowly singles rank to win all of his matches in this years’ competition.

Verdict: Singapore will edge a tight encounter

Brazil vs Serbia
World #1 keqtqiadv will be hoping to continue his incredible year by leading Brazil to the final. The Brazilians have sent out a strong team with a mix of top singles and doubles players and you get the feeling that luck may be on their side in this years’ competition and the outspoken GlennMirnyi, who has stated his intention to retire at the end of the year, will be hoping to leave the TT world with a DC final. In a move that will have surprised many the captain has left himself out of the first day singles matches with Virex and Tytta playing on Day 1. However as the 2 Brazilians have winning records against their respective Serbian opponents it could turn out to be a tactical masterstroke.
Serbia have been punching above their weight and some heroic performances by both Grofica and savestheday91 against The Netherlands and France have seen them grasp victory from the jaws of defeat in both ties. The two return again with savestheday91 looking to avenge her defeat to Tytta in the US Open.

Verdict: Brazil should prove too strong for the plucky Serbs

Play Offs Preview

Australia vs Belgium
Injury-hit Australia send a makeshift team to play against Belgium. However, even though the top 3 ranked Australians are unavailable the replacements are still top 100 players whereas Belgium can only boast 1 – the captain Foosimoo. Foosimoo has a reputation as one of the nicest guys on the TT tour but it may be this trait that causes his downfall as he has sensationally left himself, the reigning US Open doubles champion, out of the doubles line up in his desire to give all team members an equal number of games. Both Australians are making their Davis Cup debut whilst Belgium have recalled Cleo1986, back after a 2 month layoff, and newcomer Nalrodd, who was only granted Belgian citizenship a couple of weeks ago.

Verdict: Foosimoo’s tactics will be questioned as Australia overcome their problems to ease to victory.

The Netherlands vs Spain
Last years Davis Cup finalists The Netherlands face relegation after throwing away a lead going into the final day of their tie against Serbia whilst Spain are looking for promotion after coming from behind of the final day of their tie against Kazakhstan. What does this tell us? Probably not much, but in what could be one of the closest ties the mental toughness and close friendship that the Spaniards possess could help them to bridge the gap in class to the Dutch.
Freesbee and SloKid haven’t exactly set the TT world alight but they do play doubles together on a regular basis and know each others’ games inside out although they will be tested against Sheva who is one of the top singles and doubles players in the TT world, whilst tennis2006 has proved himself to be a fairly solid TT player.

Verdict: The Dutch will retain their World Group place....just!

Israel vs Hungary
With Australian Open champ east_players and US Open runner up qczi Hungary have 2 top 6 players and must be overwhelming favourites for this tie. Qczi was one of the hottest players of the summer which started with a QF in Queen,s followed by a Wimbledon SF, QF’s in LA and Sopot, a SF and QF in TMS Montreal and Cinncinnatti, culminating in his superb run to the final in New York. East_players has yet to back up his AO title although remains a huge threat in any tournament he plays.
For Israel, Vamos Israel rescued what has been an unremarkable year last week with a title in Beijing so arrives in good form. Tal20 and Sharas36 make up the team but the loss of their #1 player nimrodg, who has travelled with the team but is not playing, is a big blow.

Verdict: I can’t see anything other than a Hungarian victory.

Finland vs Belarus
One of the most intriguing ties see last year’s champions face Belarus for a place in the 2008 World Group. In complete contrast of styles, 2 of the most patriotic tennis tippers, Smasher and Labamba, face the team of former Brits who all jumped ship to the country that offered them the most cash when they realised they were not going to be selected for their own DC team. Featuring 3 top 20 players and the #1 doubles player this looks set to be a high quality tie which could be won, not by the best tippers but by the country with the best tactics. In a bold move, top ten player AdeeGee has stuck with the line up from the previous round and left himself out of the opening days singles with The_Cat_Lady, with hasn’t played TT since February, replacing him. She will face a tough task against doubles #1 Labamba.

Verdict: National pride will ensure a Finnish win.

USA vs India
A real David vs Goliath clash with the USA boasting the last winner of a Grand Slam, the last winner of a TMS and a former doubles number one. In fact if Indian #1 Shivaram was American he would only be ranked #14 in his country. Teaming up with captain Srinath_Kng ,the Indian duo have played sparingly this year and when they have they have typically struggled beyond the Challenger level whilst the Americans have consistently performed well in both singles and doubles.
The only ray of hope would appear to be that the Americans have struggled both last year and this against the so-called smaller nations of Israel and Singapore.

Verdict: Too easy for the USA

Argentina vs Croatia
A truly mouthwatering clash as Argentina will be looking for revenge against Croatia who beat them in a recent TT duel. The efforts of the Argentines though may be affected by reports of in-fighting between the players and the constant backlash some of their team display against the authorities regarding the rules. Argentine captain GustavoM_Fan also caused controversy with his team selection when he picked ExcaliburII over the higher ranked pair of FiBeR and Manu86 due to personal issues. Ironically these are the sorts of problems that used to trouble their opponents. However, the Croatians have cleaned up their act and the once outspoken TennisFanCroatia has since calmed down, put his differences with team captain Deathless Mortal to one side and concentrated on his tennis tipping which has resulted in a career high ranking. Also included in the Croatian team is a talented youngster JadrankaHR who has been making rapid progress up the rankings and will start the tie off against the former US Open champion GustavoM_Fan. Superior1 makes up the team playing with his regular doubles partner Deathless_Mortal.

Verdict: Team unity will see Croatia through.

Great Britain vs Chile
GBR captain alansk has once again tinkered with his team selection in what is surely a must win match for the under-fire captain. He has suffered recently, particularly when AdeeGee, rejected as not being good enough earlier in the year, overtook him in the rankings. There is still no place on the team either for the controversial Rob88hock, despite being an established top 20 player. The Brits do have the Race leader greatkingrat in their team as well as French Open quarterfinalist LK_22. Chile are captained by former Australian Open finalist +Alonso who has had an indifferent year and include the exciting prospect Alonsofz, a semifinalist in Beijing last week, and 2 players who sometimes flatter to deceive in Soltmann_89 and Fergie.

Verdict: In a closer than expected tie GBR will retain their World Group place

Austria vs Russia
Russia’s preparations were rocked before this tie when their captain, It’ was hit by a 6 month ban. Luckily, the glamorous Nadie and talented youngster Dmitriy were able to step in to form a team to face the Austrians. Nadie has showed some promising singles form of late on the North American hardcourts to shake off the doubles specialist tag that she has earned, whilst Dmitriy has been a sensation on the Challenger circuit reaching the final in his debut tournament in Almaty and winning in Scheveningen which he has since been able to back up with some good performances on the main TT tour.

The Austrians are once again represented by Garlichead and tiptopdaisy. Captain Garlichead has been disappointing this year reaching a singles QF only once and had to pull out of the US Open with an unspecified injury . He has been overtaken in the rankings by his team-mate who has at least been able to add some consistency to his game this year.

Verdict: The momentum is with Russia to win in style

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

TT News & Info

TT Links

Singles Rank
Doubles Rank
TB rules
TT stats thread
Managers thread
Rules thread
TT Addicts chat thread
World Clock

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

probably need this one...
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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

Serbia will beat Brazil with the team of me and Grofica for singles and me and Grofica for doubles

Troicki - Djokovic - Del Potro - Kyrgios - Berankis
Cibulkova - Robson - Kirilenko - Azarenka
Retired but always loving Ferrero - Ancic - Kiefer

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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

I'm able to play for the Netherlands.
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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

I don't wanna be TT Sharapova

I am able to play for Russia
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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

good matches here!!!
ready to get revenge from TT Duel
we can destroy Croatia, only we need some luck ....

I think Gavin should send PM to the other countries captains...

Gustavo Marcaccio David Nalbandian Jo-Jo Tsonga Marcos Baghdatis

Originally Posted by kostas kastoria View Post
HELlas ole ole
thanks felip for your help.i m priciate u friend
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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

Adam, the time has come

And Josh (Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Quarterfinals (Play-offs: post #1 :D))

It didn't happen then and won't happen now either
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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

i'm the first one to announce the team ? oh well,we have nothing to hide


"Fear destroys minds. I'll face my fear and let it pass through me."

Originally Posted by musefanatic
Well you're welcome to share me bed with me

Originally Posted by Huff
Do look, imperial shadow - the Romanian nation,
At Dana, Miru, Iza, your mighty progenies,
With racquets like steel and hearts of fire impetuous,
It's either "Win this match or f**k off!"
Remember, life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile
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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup - Semi Finals & Play Offs

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