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I heard "Come on!" too, but the article says he yelled "Vamos!" which is unusual for him. Here's a simplified translation:

Gasquet passed the test
He was not flashy, but managed to beat Simon who was getting bolder as the match went by.

Richard Gasquet doesn't usually express his fighting spirit a lot on a tennis court. He's not the kind of player who yells huge "Vamos!" And yet all his frustration came out in Spanish yesterday when he broke back in the 4th set and carried on with 3 games played with appetite and enthusiasm. After having spent hours brooding over his ground game, he must have thought that a cri de coeur can have a healing power.
The match: Simon was missing his volleys and FH attacks while Gasquet was slowing down the game without hitting many winners. The Frenchies battle on Court 1 was lacking dynamism. Simon finally came into the match at 5-2 in the first set, but too late. The 2nd set was weird with Simon breaking twice to eventually lose the set 6-3.
The 3rd set wasn't less soporific, his main merit being the tiebreak dominated by a Gilles Simon who was so enterprising that he went on with a break at the beginning of the 4th set. "At that point Gilles had gained the ascendancy mentally and tenniswise and I was starting to doubt a little bit, Gasquet says. He was running everywhere, returning well. He could be more accurate at the net, but he's hard to play! I had to fight to get the win and that's why I'm happier now than I was after my first round match against Fish (when he played excellent tennis)."
Gilles Simon agreed with that. Yes, he often was dominating. Yes, he lost. "A lot of occasions, a lot of regrets. It's encouraging because I realize that even without playing well, I'm up to it when I face this kind of players. I had really found my bearings from the baseline. But Richard returns everything and you end up missing one or two shots. He can also rely on his serve which gives him free points when he needs it..."
And he yells in Spanish. This cry sounded nicely in the ear of his coach Guillaume Peyre:
"It's great he's cheering himself up like that. He was totally in control from that moment on. When he lost the TB of the 3rd set, I thought: 'Now we're going to see what he has in his heart'. And he hung on. It's the kind of match he needed imo to get into the tournament. The quality of the tennis doesn't matter, we saw what he is able of mentally. He sometimes was moving back too much and he'll have to avoid that against Murray whose profile is similar to Simon's except that he won't miss his volleys. He's clever, he knows how to lull his opponent. Richard will have to attack him." And to yell a lot of "Vamos!"

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