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Re: JayJay's Football Factory 2007/2008

Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
CR: 93-114 (-£5936.86)
The final play of a season to forget.

L10 (£1000) Germany to lift the trophy @ 5/4
PP (SI) - £2250

CR: 93-114 (-£6936.86)

The ideal result for me would be Germany winning 1-0 and Podolski not scoring.


L1 (£100) David Villa top scorer Euro 2008 @ 17/1
PP (SI) - £1800
My season came down to this, none of my major OR plays came in. 2k on the ANC, 1k on Bayern, 1k on Boca, 1k on Euro 2008. Any one of those to come in would have bumped me up by 4-5k or more, but it wasn't to be. Even Fulham cost me 1k after a miracle recovery from relegation. And one very bad weekend when I already had 7k of pending plays meant I had to sit back and watch for a few weeks until some money came in. On the one hand I lost out on picking matches that could have bumped me up, on the other maybe it saved me some more money.

In hindsight, I probably should have kept some powder dry when I was 3k or so up instead of lock in my OR plays, but that was how I wanted to go at it, but it didn't work out.

After Sunday I don't think I'm going to be around MTF for a good while, mainly due to other projects I'm involved in net related that are going to take up a good portion of my time. So incase I don't see alot of you guys around for a while, I'd like to say it's been a laugh this season in this thread - even though the numbers weren't as I would have liked. To all of the posters who spent time in this thread - Ryan, Jig, Swisha, BG, Jez, Henry, Genci, Shotgun, GWH, Ivan, Jaap, Escude (for ass related purposes ) and any others, good luck with your future bets and thanks for exchanging opinions throughout the season. I'll still be spending time every now and again at my usual hangout (I guess by now most of you know where that is, so I don't need to say it) so all you guys are welcome over there anytime if you wish to pop over.

I'll see you when I see you.

ps. BG and Swish, I'm all in for the Draft Room again when the time comes. This time we'll have to have some money on it unless you guys are scared about how bad a beating you got last time.

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