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help picking string and tension

Hey i just switched from the dunlop aerogel 300 (low-med. power) to the aerogel 500 tour (med. power) in order to get more spin and an extra .2 ounces on the racket. I strung it @ 60 lbs Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power. My strokes are deeper, but they have a tendency to float long and it feels like my shots have LOST some pace. My serve gets more spin because of the string pattern (16x18) but it feels like it lost some pop. I get more than enough spin on the ball already so I'm not really looking for a spin string. I get it strung @ a club so I don't really have that many options:

Gamma Zo Tour
Gamma Asterik 16
Gamma Asterik 16 Spin
Prince synthetic Gut
& maybe a few HEAD strings

Which one is best, and at which tension should i string it at (my normal is 60 for Zo tour and 59 for Asterik 16)

Oh yea, if you wanna include your ability level/status it would be helpful........
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