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Hey Everyone,

I'm a fan of Kiefer and wonder why he doesn't have his own forum. Is there a way I can start one for him or a mod(whoever they are) can. Cause I really think he deserves his own forum. It should be as big as Andy Roddicks. Go to Roddicks Forum & u'll know what I'm talk'n about. If u look at Andy's the forum is filled with so many threads for example: 2004 picture thread, Andy on TV, Andy's Belly, Andy's Got Back, Andy multi-talented, Bad-temper sexy, and that's not even half of them. I think Nicolas deserves the same. I want to be able to post pics in one thread full of Nicolas this year. I want to make a thread that talks about what make Nicolas so fun to watch. I want to make a thread that talks about how good he looks (I think he's very cute) but u get my drift. If anyone knows how to make one, can ask the mods, anything. Please get back to me because I think NICOLAS KIEFER NEEDS A FORUM All us Kiwi fans should think of a way to get one started
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