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Re: Babolat pure drive

Originally Posted by gindyo View Post
I had the babolat pure drive and I loved the way it played from the first time I hit with it. I could put plenty of spin on the ball and had pretty good control. there are very few racquets I have liked from the first time I have hit with them. So I fell in love with the babolat. And here comes the bad part. Those raquets are so fragile that its not even funny. I have been stringing my own raquets for about 10 years now. And I have never broken a raquet while stringing it. Well that changed with one of my friend's babolats. I thought it broke because it was kind of old and it might have had pre-existing crack. So I bought myself 2 brand new babolat pure drives and guess what, I didn't even get the chance to hit with one of them, it broke on the machine again. I admit that my machine was a crappy one and I changed it after that incident, but I had had it for about 2 years and I had used it with a bunch of different raquets at higher tensions then the one which broke the two babolats, and never had a problem. So I replaced my stringing machine, and have been stringing the one babolat I have left on it at the minimum tension recommended.The frame is still holding up, but another problem appeared - the grommets. It looks like couple of them are broken and the string touches the frame which causes the string to brake at that spot. after having that happening twice (the last time the string had only 15 minutes play on it) I gave up and retired the pure drive. And now I am back to my old favourite HEAD CLASSIC. Another problem with the raquet is the string guard at the tip. It is very shallow and at certain points the string is very poorly protected from touching the court.
I dont want to be a smart ass or anything but maybe you dont know how to string racket because my babolat as been strung twice this year and with no problem even the guy that strung it for me he told me that these are solid racket and we put the tension up to 67 if i wanted too.
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