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Re: Anybody speak French?

Oh well I got my gurl Jade!!! From Hong Kong!!! To hook me up. I hope she don't mind me posting this here ya. Eh, this is only PART of the interview but it's all good. So Thanks Jade! and um, thenk you sister too And forgive me Victoria for being impatient!!!!
T.M. Guillermo, you have become one of the best in the world. But despite your achievements on the professional circuit, you have remained the same person on your relation with the media. Why, unlike others, have you drawn up this barrier (between him and the media)?

G.C. Because it is not in my nature. The celebrity thing did not change anything in me. And I respect your work. I hope to remain the same person throughout the years to come. I wouldn't be happy if I changed.

T.M. Before bringing up the last final of the Roland Garros, let's talk about the huge acceleration of your career in 2003. When was the turning point?

G.C. The week I won Hamburg was the turning point and the one match that really put me in another dimension (set me off) was my QF match against [Mark] Philippoussis. It was that day that I realized that I wasn't really the same player anymore. I had really crossed the boundries. Yes, it really was one of the turning points of my career and it is still one of my best matches, along with my QF against Agassi at the Roland Garros and my first round match against Davydenko, again at the Roland Garros, but this time in 2004.

T.M. How were you able to progress physically and mentally in 2003?

G.C. Because of the fact that I was able to win many matches, win consecutive tournaments last year in Stuttgart, Kitzbuhel and Sopot, it made me see that when I did my very best, it found me the right reward. And for this reason, I can only thank Alberto Mancini, my trainer at that time and Jorge Trevisan, my physical preparer. They required my maximum effort and I knew I had to give them that. To make my career take off, I really needed people as demanding as them.

T.M. Does that mean you were too "nice" with yourself before you met Mancini & Trevisan?

G.C. At that time, I was a little in the fog. I did not really know what my goals were. In fact, I needed someone with authority to guide me, to give me directions. And for this reason I needed a good former player. I hesitated choosing between Alberto Mancini and Gabriel Markus, but as Markus was with David Nalbandian, the question was quickly settles. Unfortunately, my partnership with Mancini did not last as long as I would have wished it to. It is as in a couple, when there is no more love, there is no point in continuing (smiles). After a few months with Blengino whose contract finished after Roland Garros and which I make a point by saying: I do not have anything to reapproach, especially not my defeat against Gaudio, I have started to work with Gabriel Markus who was free again. It was good news for me because it was hard and demanding. With him, I will have to give my maximum effort and that is what will help me. Even if I must share him with Juan Ignacio Chela. I will see how everything goes until the Tennis Masters Cup. Afterwards, we'll see.

T.M. What is the most important aspect of your way of playing? Technique or physical?

G.C. The physical and I have improved it a lot. Before, I would explode very quickly in the beginning of the match. I tended to give points away rather quickly. Now, my opponent must use more effort to beat me. This physical progress gave me better stamina which I did not have before. The fact that my legs felt better was also beneficial for my mind. Now, I am as good with mental stamina as physical stamina.

Someday, we'll all be free.

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