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Re: Memorable matches

How about a string of memorable matches? Back in 2005, in USTA League play, I was part of 9 straight sets of...6-0...over a 5 match period (including 3 matches at #1 doubles and a #2 singles effort). *sigh*

And you'd a thunk...I'd have gotten bumped up. But nooooooo. My partner did, though

Another memorable match was last Fall in a Mixed Match. We had our first set tiebreaker go to 21-19 (which we won). Lost the second set...but won it in the third. Whew.

On the losing end, I'll never forget a District Tournament match that because of the excess heat...was limited to a proset (8 games). We were up 7-2...and lost, that match as well as the team's efforts. The heat was so intense, you could feel it radiating off the court to the back of your calves. And driving on the way home, I looked down and saw my hands all shriveled up. A sure sign of dehydration. I had to pull over, drink yet another Gatorade...and hope I could make it home. I was going to a favorite cousin's wedding that evening so I had to be in decent shape. Thank goodness there was no alcohol at the event to tempt me. I'd have been a goner for sure.

I love my girls.

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