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Re: message to MTF owners and adminsitrators

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
You can't conclude someone has a personal agenda towards another poster(s) just based on the fact that several of that poster's threads were closed, especially when that poster is known for creating a lot of threads, many of them arguably for trolling purposes. Doesn't matter how many posts a thread has if it starts getting out of hand.

And second of all, how do you know that RL was the one who closed the threads? Last I checked, there is no notice that says which mod closed a thread. People are just assuming, perhaps unfairly, that RL is the one responsible for ALL of this moderation. There ARE three supermods and two other GM mods, after all. Just because they are not as "visible" doesn't mean they are not doing other things.
well he sends me the thread that he has deleted and the resulting infraction for my having created that thread. he is handing out infractions like he owns the bloody forum. at thsi rate, he will surely run off a lot of good posters who just love tennis.

there have been near endless completely useless threads here the whole time i have been here but at least my threads talk specifically about tennis. i was advised by some posters to cut back on threads and i obliged.

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