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Re: message to MTF owners and adminsitrators

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
You do, but where you fall short is that you didn't complain about it when it happened, you didn't even attempt to see if it was a mistake or simply an unintentional oversight. You just assumed there is some sort of bias and started accusing things where if you had just voiced your concern when it happened, chances are damn good shotgun also would have received an infraction.
What are you talking about? I did complain about it. He edited the post where I called Shotgun a moron and where he called me a fuckhead. I then brought it to his attention that it was unfair of him to warn me, but not warn Shotgun. He's fully aware of my complaint, but chose to ignore it.

So tell me in what way RL was in the right? He is 100% wrong and should be held accountable. I only ask for consistency. I'll take the warning so long as Shotgun gets his. He didn't, though.
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