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Re: message to MTF owners and adminsitrators

Originally Posted by Black Adam View Post
1.Blaze-2004 got an infraction/warning for congratulating a poster who stood up to Raginglamb................. I don't see any rule that forbids it in any of the Forum's rules, do you??
Yeah, that one was a complete joke

Dont forgot another one i got from my locked thread

Originally Posted by prima donna View Post
My inquiry has to do with why a personal attack has been waged against RagingLamb, if I didn't know any better I'd accuse Clay Death of being a character assassin.
The only character assassinations going on is RL on his own character when he started going around MTF abusing his power.

Originally Posted by HeretiC View Post
Well, I've also complained about few things on several occasions. And guess what, I can't find those posts, they have been edited or deleted. I was complaining about some non-compatible threads being merged, posts editing, locking down successful threads without possible rules being violated etc. On the other hand I like that there is a moderator who is committed to what he/she is doing. So RL, keep up the good work and cut off the bad work (double standards, wrong decisions and personal agenda). I believe that he/she is a little bit overwhelmed from the power that he/she got and overstepping his/hers duties, but I also believe that in time he/she will bringing better and wiser decisions and will became a really good moderator.
Now this post i somewhat agree with. It is true he is new to his job and perhaps should be given leeway, but the fact that he has consistently shown what a clown he is in terms of infractions for stupid reasons boggles the mind.

He still has a chance to be a good GM mod.

Originally Posted by MagicMilan View Post
If what you said were true, your number of posts wouldn't have been 15460 but 460
Not really.

RL isn't that bad to delete 15000 posts

Originally Posted by prima donna View Post
This persecution of RagingLamb's character is beginning to become reminiscent of the infamous Salem Witch Trials.
Oh please

The trials were based on stupid 1692 superstition of witches, and none of the women that were killed were witches. They went around blindly accusing people of being witches and burning them at the stake. If anything, RL is the townspeople and the good people of GM are the "witches" that are being accused randomly and posts deleted, edited, or infractioned

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