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Re: message to MTF owners and adminsitrators

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
What exactly do you think his personal agenda is? I don't even know who RagingLamb's favorite players are, I'd say that's being pretty impartial. Apparently no one here even gave a thought to the fact that he is a person too and might make some honest to goodness mistakes sometimes.
I wasn't talking about personal agenda toward players, I haven't noticed that too and RL is doing pretty god job in that area. I was talking about personal agenda toward some posters and it is clear that he/she doesn't like CD. In one evening he/she locked down several threads with near 1000 posts and the rules were not broken in any of them. But as I said I do believe that he/she will be great moderator in the future (and that those things are just mistakes caused by beginner overwhelming from newly given powers).

Originally Posted by TMJordan View Post
I doubt RagingMod is a guy or a girl, some sort of mutant I reckon.
Judging by that your every posts gets edited in the same time every day, he/she must be automated software and not a real person.
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