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Re: message to MTF owners and adminsitrators

Originally Posted by BIGMARAT View Post
Granted Raging Lamb committed a little abuse of his power as a moderator and maybe lost his judgement a little bit. But what about you clay death? don't you clean up ur mess first before cleaning up this board? Don't you think you are abusing your power as a poster trying to dominate opinions?

Just my two cent!
its not just a little abuse of power. he is flat going overboard with it.

all i do is try to generate discussions and share my passion for the sport with others. i have no agenda to go after my fellow posters. i am all about tennis and people know that. i also let others have their fair say. quite often, i am respectful and even suggest to the posters that their opinion must be respected.

raging lamb has personal agenda and his agenda is hurting MTF. he is clearly abusing his position that he should have never been given in the first place.

its not enough that for him to end perfectly legitimate threads but now he is handing out infractions for starting them. he is also, as i suggested earlier, in everybody`s business. he keeps editing their posts. you dont see other moderators doing that.

i will have to file a complaint with the owners of this forum.

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