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Re: pundits predictions for Wimbledon 2008

Originally Posted by Lucinda View Post
I don't see how it's bandwagony to suggest Nadal will win. He's playing better than he did last year (and he almost won Wimbledon then), plus Roger is playing worse overall. Some people are acting like there is no logical reason to think Nadal could win, which boggles me considering the facts.
Nobody (at least not the sane posters over here) says that Nadal can't win Wimbly this year. Rather the contrary, I think a lot of people rightfully pick him as one of the main candidates (I admit that I'm one of them).

But stating that He. Will. Indeed. Win. This. Year. - yes, that's bandwagonning, indeed. Fed's not retired, yet. Djoko is there as well. Not to mention quite a bunch of floaters which might well give him a nasty task along the way. Facing Reality... yes I know - it sucks.

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