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Re: Suicide Tennis - Wimbledon - God save the king/queen of suicide !

July, Sunday 6th


The last but not least "Labamba" award
VamosIsrael who closed this tournament by picking as the last one

The "special thanks a lot award"
to all those (especially Lucky-go-happy, Heretic, Aguante-el-gato, Moinonplus -i hope to do the grand slam - Ycpg and Linus) who were very nice with me and my management

The "thanks to comit" award
to all of you (103), who comited here. It was my pleasure

The most risky pick award
well, attribute to all the player. Nobody can say who is the real favorite today

July, Friday 4th

The Leonard Cohen "that's no way to say goodbye" award
Dupuis2006, Gavnich77, Natassha and I. No avalaible pick for sunday

The "number 1 ranking" award
Kielian. Be in final is enough to keep the top of suicide ranking, (although Federer win on sunday)

The "it will perharps be next week" award
Labamba, who must wait to reach the top

The most risky pick award
well, it was not a choice, but Safin was a really risky pick. So Frank Winkler, you've got this one

July, Wednesday the 2nd


very special award to
Filipo, Nygel and Hahaha7. Your pick was risky but couragous, and you lost.

The special "you're a coward" award
Attributed to myself for picking Nadal

The guys, "you're not really couragous too" award
Dupuis2006 and Gavnich77 who picked Federer

The most risky pick award
Filipo, Hahaha7, Nygel who picked Clement, not only the low ranked player but also leaded 1 to 4 by Schuettler

June, Monday 30th

The Special LUCKY award
attributed to all those who picked Ancic, winner in a close 5th set

The "...ic" day award
too all the guys who picked one ...ic player (Ancic, Cilic, Tipsarevic 49 on 59 )

The anti "...ic" award
attribute to 6 guys : Huff, JM-del-Potro, Meninosantos, Ostm89, Qczi and SD3300123 whose are the only 6 to not pick a ...ic player although as BU

The "absolutely and definitely subjective" award
Qczi, only one who picked Gasquet. Think you've done the right choice, and if not, at least, you'll have an award

The "Rookie special" award
Jasonx73it, the last NR in.

The special "I stinks in grand Slam" award
Natassha, who comited as a loser and is still in in 1/4

The most risky pick award
Well a lot of risky picks, but attributed too SD3300123, Lil_Cilic and Labamba for Murray and Qczi on Gasquet

June, Saturday 28th

The Bryan's brothers award
Canas & Filipo who are the only ones to pick exactly same players since monday.

The special "christophe Lambert" Highlander award
Attribute to the 3 matches where only one can stay alive :
Schuettler (*3) vs Garcia Lopez (*2)
Melzer (*1) vs Clement (*4)
Haas (*1) vs Murray (*5)

The "I'm waiting for an amazing final or who will i pick in final" award
Frank Winkler who already picked Federer and now picked Nadal

The "in french I trust (should I ?)" award
Aguante_el_Gato, Björki, Gavnich77, Linus, Lucian_iasi, Tennis_Ace34 and TroickiTard who picked 2 french players

The most risky pick award
Louised, only one to pick Haas (vs Murray)

June, Friday 27th

The "i'm don't afraid by anything" award
Huff who picked Verdasco and won

The "i like to pick some incredible BU"
JM-Del-Potro for picking Bolelli

The most risky pick award
Reznik for picking Ancic

June, Thursday 26th

The "to what is this first page done for ?" award
Winnipeg who still send pick although he's sadly out

The "from russia with love" award
Balloon, KalleonAir, Meninosantos who all 3 picked 2 russians players

The "Deutschland uber alles" award
Leoneo who picked 2 german's players Kiefer and Haas as BU.

The "french is beautiful" award
Frank Winkler who picked 2 french players

The "I hate cold war and expect peace and love in the word"
AussieFan who picked Blake and Tursunov as BU

The "for what is the BU done" award
JM-del-Potro who tryed Gulbis as BU

The "this timezone is really annoying me" award
Attributed to Labamba who sent at least 30' before time's up since a few days

The "i want to be the new Labamba" award
Huff who sent at the last minutes since at least 2 days

The most risky pick award
Duncan & Tomy who picked Almagro (who's not a cow who like grass)

June, Wednesday 25th

The "i know that i got an award yesterday" award
Drikke, for picking Rochus as BU

The "i want to be sure to stay in the tournament" award
Frank Winkler who picked respectively Djoko (3), Blake (8) and Federer (1) so an average of 4 in ranking

The "i love the outsiders" award
Troickitard for picking Reynolds (102), Tipsarevic (40) and Gicquel (53) so an average of 65 in ranking.

The "totally and absolutely subjective" award
Chrono for picking Wawrinka. Del Potro was not a priori an easy opponent although the match was finally easy.

The most risky pick award
Georg, Jozie, Winnipeg for picking Dancevic #95 who lost

June, Tuesday 24th


The "totally and definitely" subjective award
Snowwy, for trust in Grosjean. Thanks for him.

The "i'd like to play for my country man but i'm not sure" award
Drikke who picked Malisse as BU

the "secure is not sure" award
Digor who picked Davydenko, higher player and higher loser

The most risky pick award
JM-del-Potro & Huff for picking Eaton #661 who won

May, Monday 23th

The "bis repetita" award
Ekin & Leoneo who comited 2 times

The "One Hundred" award
Forever-Delayed who comit as the 100th

The "Radiohead Paranoid" award
Superhoops for sending pick by PM.

The in spain i trust award
Puschkin for picking Lopez & Ferrer as BU

The Judas Iscariote award
Mzverev-fan who pick Peya, against his favorite player and finally lost

The most risky pick award
Alonszof with Bogdanovic #242 who lost

Suicide = ??
FITD = NC titles 2008 : 4 / 2009 : 1
PAW : = NC
DTT single : NC; double : NC
TT "you want a bye in 1st round ? Play eljab !" (25 lost in 1st round on 37 challengers played)
Single : NC CH (22/38) ATP [23/16] / 2009 : (0/2)[2/3]
no title, no final
Double : NC (44/35) [14/16] / 2009 : (2/2)[3/3]
W Finals : 5 /Titles : 2 CH Knoxville 07 (with Colt th magnific); CH Besancon 08 (With Sol "Haute" Apollo)

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