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Re: We are as fine as two fine things enjoying a fine day out in Fineland.

Originally Posted by luxsword View Post
Well, the girl is fine now. She only stayed til evening in hospital. Seems it was a combination of not eating enough, low tension and the other girl getting injured (not as seriously injured as we feared, btw ). She's ok now. (Also, it seems during her transportation to hospital, the doctor and nurse detected a part of simulation on her part. )
So basically, everything back to normal with kids being horribly lazy today again !

Let's hope Frensje soon feeds us with better news about her mom's feet and morale (moral ? ).
Big yay for both girls being ok
Originally Posted by Mrs. Fabregas View Post

First of all, tons of :hug back to everyone, it meant a lot for me!

The ceremony yesterday was very sad, but peaceful and beatiful at the same time .... but we have to move on now, without him, and even though i miss him like hell, it's for his best that he's out of pain!

Now about mom and her :inlove bright and shiny orange cast
She's okay, sometimes (when her brain tells her foot to wiggle the toes) she's in a lot of pain, but me and dad runned around the house like crazy this weekend, doing like everything for her so that she doesn't have to move! Am back at my own place right now, back to work tomorrow and then on friday off to mommy-day care again!

This cast will be removed next week and then another one will be set for at least 4 weeks! It'll all depend on the dutchies progress if it will be another orange one ... Me voted for her to get a red-yellow-red one (:inlove spain ) but she doesn't even wanna do that to support her son-in-law ... BAAAAAAAAAD MOM

This was the update, thanks again for all the support, wuv you all
Good to hear your mom is doing better But boooo, red-yellow-red is a beautiful combination Don't tell hubby about that

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