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Re: We are as fine as two fine things enjoying a fine day out in Fineland.

what a crappy day for you, Lucie hope the girl is ok and no more bad days in the future

Originally Posted by Mrs. Fabregas View Post
Oh, boy ... did i had THE BEST friday the 13th yesterday

The wonderful day started with a phonecall from my aunt, that my uncle, who have been very very sick for a long time already, passed away in the morning Am sick of sadness now, but on the other hand i am sort of relieved for him, cuz finally he's free of pain and he's in peace now .... The funeral will take place on monday

So we all went to my aunts house, to gather with the whole family, before they took him away and then my mom, all cried out etc, slipped on the stairs there and broke her foot , so we spent the whole afternoon left at the ER waiting till they had time to cast her! She's the proud owner of a orange plastered leg now

Since she can't move or do things properly now, i moved over to the parents place to help out there for a while!

Hope you all had a better day and have a bood weekend!!!!

Ahh dear, I hadn't read this post before I PM-ed you so now my message seems kinda lame
First of all, sorry about your uncle hug:
And talk about bad luck for you mom I hope her foot will heal soon and she's not in too much pain.
Hope you're weekend was better and sorry again about not writing you earlier!

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