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Re: We are as fine as two fine things enjoying a fine day out in Fineland.

Woa, Frensje loads of to everyone who needs them...

My friday afternoon was pretty crappy, too. Just as i was pleased with myself cause i had managed to finish all i had to do in the morning and my tight course schedule to finish the program before summer holidays was going rather ok (i'm a teacher)... just then, one of my pupils felt really bad. we had to make her lie down in the classroom and only 1h30 later was she at last brought to the hospital... we stayed with her, then some ambulance people joined us (they'd come for another injured kid, so i asked them to help us with my pupil), they stayed with us till the firemen came, and then the firemen had a proper doctor come and then at last they took her away to a proper hsospital. we don't really know what was wrong, seemed like low tension or something... she was hurting everywhere, all pale and clamy... every couple of minutes she asked were she was or forgot the name of her (twin) sister, then the next she seemed sane again... pretty scary stuff, and i felt all useless...
messed up our afternoon, ofc, my class was kept by a colleague (50 pupils at ounce, what do you do ?), and when they could come back in the classroom, we had to talk for a while... they were scared she had a cancer or a heart attack... the things their young minds will make up, really...
i so detest when it happens on fridays (or at all, ofc ), but fridays are worst because we only get news on the monday.
i told my pupils she was gonna be ok, like i know told them their coats had been used as a blanket for their friends. they usually make a fuss when their things are moved, and this time the coats were all in a heap, but they were quite pleased

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