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Re: Perspective on the "Federer decline"

All the speculatiion on the decline of Roger is basically wishful thinking on the part of fans of his rivals. It is simply laughable to say that a player of Roger's caliber is declining and is a has been based on poor performance in half of one season. Considering Roger is not yet 27 years old, I think it's ludicrous to proclaim his impending demise.
Does anybody remember that prior to Agassi's win RG '99 he had reached a very low ranking and had to play challengers? Sampras captured quite a few grand slam titles past the age of 26. Do you remember the time when Becker gave Sampras the wild card in Vienna so he can be in contention for the end of the year number one ranking? I am sorry I am not good in dates but I am sure you can google everything I wrote here and get the exact dates. The point I am making is it's too early, as Star has said to consign Federer to the has been heap. In my opinion, I am sure Roger will come back to win Wimbledon and the U.S. Open because now he is motivated to prove his detractor's wrong.

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