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Re: JayJay's Football Factory 2007/2008

Originally Posted by jayjay View Post

Pedestrian is probably the best description for France's performance.

CR: 84-99 (-£10,072.77)

I promised myself at the start that 10k would be my limit, as I promised myself that 1k would be my max plays limit. I've got some good and bad news. The good news is that because of some other stuff I've got a few more k to play with (7.5k to be exact). The bad news is I'm going to play with some of it as I was really looking forward to this month of action and don't want to just sit by and watch it pass (even though it would probably save me money at this point ).

I'm going to extend my limit to 15k, I hope I don't need to go that far, after all, there are only a few weeks left of this thread. Today's results were very bad for me. My ORs on France and Italy have taken a knock. My acc including Italy to qualify is now in serious danger. And 3 of my 4 top scorer picks are in danger of going home early. And I still have to digest the fact that Argentina couldn't beat Team Fulham.

I'm going to make a couple of plays for tuesday and call me crazy but I'm already looking ahead to backing France and Italy against Holland and Romania, I'll try to explain why nearer the time.

Spot on analysis, Jig. Romania were never in trouble.

France play Holland next, not Italy.
Yep thats right m8 i posted that before ItalyFrance lost knowing the Italy game was last game of group so the last game could prob go down to whoever wins goes through between France/Italy because Holland will beat Romania and 6 points will top them the group plus goal diff if france/italy get to 6points- the way France played Holland will beat them, it was truly shocking and by far the worst game so far the France/Romania game, also Romania didnt even go for it were happy with the draw. Even the Italians looked better going forward than France

Big Star/Alex Chilton R.I.P

The Stone Roses

Guns N' Roses

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