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First of all, Barrie, get a room, dude. Or least a PM.

Second of all, you've stumbled in a realm that isn't in my expertise, Angele. Yes, I know you're shocked that there are things that even I, Dr. Marly, am not an expert about.

I don't go out much either, as all my friends are drunks, sluts, and/or crack whores (literally). They're fun to hang out with at school, but I'd never go out with them on the weekends, because there's a high chance of getting into a fight or a car accident, or, of course, getting arrested. None of which are high up on my "to do" list.

Which is why I hang out with you fine folks so much!

I know it's a bummer not to be able to hang out like you want to, but if your friends or anything like mine, it's a blessing in disguise. Don't get caught up in crap like that.

Try talking to your parents about how you feel. Explain to them that you work hard all the time and don't have enough time to chill and act your age. Maybe they'll lighten up a bit on you.

As for being tired, well, you could always spend more time sleeping than stalking and being stalked by me and Cilla!

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