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Re: Djokovic carries his aspirations on his sleeve- Article on

Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
I feel for you.

Btw if you weren't on auto reply, you would have noticed this is an article thread not a bashing one and secondly the content of this article is not exactly bashing Novak.
I know it isn't and I'm not angry at you. But look at the post right after yours. That just encapsulates what GM is like on Djokovic. If the article is positive, Djokovic is attacked by the haters because he really isn't good - he's bad. If the article is negative (like that one on Djokovic and Monfils), then the haters sing in unison on the horrors of Djokovic and throw some more proverbial stones at the Djokovic effigy. You can't win. So, I'd rather we don't see any new articles on Djokovic because inevitably they degerate into hater-infested threads.

Nole fan: "...most Fedtards seem to be very rabid and rude." (I agree 100%)

You can bet Djokovic's mom just screamed "Another king is dead" right about now - in the remotest corner - of her bathroom - followed by "The other one is buried." (from, following Madrid 2011 Djokovic d. Nadal 7-5 6-4)
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