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Re: Newbie, what racquet do I need?

Well, I can't tell for sure. The best thing we can do is the old cause and effect drill where you go with whatever works. If the pain comes when you play with the KFour, then stop using it. However, before you stop using it, try changing the strings to something different, preferably in another category (poly, multi, nylon, natural gut) as the one you currently have to rule out that the pain is actually coming from the strings and not the racquet. If possible, string at a lower tension as that is easier on the arm as well.

Keep in mind that the KFour is a VERY stiff racquet. Both versions of it are rated at 74 RA. If you have tennis elbow history, I'd say that you should stay away from anything over 67-68 RA, including the Aero Strike, which comes in at an unhealthy 70 RA.

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