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Re: So, my intro.

Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
Hi there.

So, my intro.

I've been following tennis for a while now. I've been fortunate enough to see plenty of great players since my childhood. (I started really paying attention when Lendl was ruling the tour.)

I love GS tennis enough to watch the AO live, even on a weekday. Living in Montreal, this means a couple of weeks looking pretty much like a zombie. Totally worth it: this year because of Federer-Tipsarevic was a classic.

Agassi is, in my book, the greatest ever for winning all 4 majors on 4 different surfaces. I hope Federer will join him. Borg with his 3 RG-Wimbledon doubles is close behind.

I love the current era. Federer will probably end up with the most GS titles when he's done; Nadal will always be remembered as a clay magician even if his body breaks down tomorow. Roddick is my favorite player, he gives the best show on and off the courts.

The one guy I hate with a passion is the one that is so full of himself the he has a book titled "My First Grand Slam". The kid rubs me the wrong way. Hope his first GS was also his last.

Also, English is my second language, so please be kind if I sometimes do make any sense at all.

So, à bientôt.
Welcome then!!!

Now this is what I think an appropiate introduction should look like... learn newbies!!!

I hope you enjoy MTF as the rest do....see you around
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