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Well, here I probably have a little bit different interest but I agree, these articles about less famous guys are indeed interesting. I even still remember that one about Recouderc!

As for your question, I've been wondering about the same thing for months! Lagardère was great mainly for the off-season and preparation between events. I think he anyway had to go to many tournaments without a coach.
Nicolas is a great player and he'd surely be ranked much higher if he had a good coach. But it's too expensive and he can't afford it while he is not in the Top 100. So here comes a dilemma... (There was an article on a similar topic, you can have a look:
I don't really know how the relations between the Federation and private clubs are going but I'm afraid they'll be barely interested in a 28 yo Top 150 player unless, again, he makes a good run in rankings.

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Nicolas Devilder

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