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He belongs to the category of the Patience, Prodon, Ascione, all these guys who sometimes are in the top 100, most of the time out of it, who keep trying without complaining and are awarded for their efforts at some point. For Nico, it happened yesterday. It was the 15th time he tried to qualify for a Slam and the 1st time he went through. He's very proud and stresses he hasn't lost a set in 3 rounds.
He has no coach at the moment. He's been part of the Team Lagardère for 2 1/2 years and they've helped him a lot last year when he reached his best ranking (#81). But now, it's a different story. He was supposed to work with Peyre this year, but Peyre also was in charge of Mahut, so it never happened. And it annoys him a bit nobody has said anything. That's how it works now: the Team Lagardère is for top players! Like a company. So he's been working alone since January. He has to fend for himself.
The journalist confirms there was nobody from the Team Lagardère watching him qualifying. But Nico says his gf was there, and that's the most important. His buddy Patience was also there. About Nico, he says: "He's a 'ratas' on clay. A warrior with a superb touch who can play 20 dropshots in one match."
Nico's only win in a Grand Slam so far happened in... Wimbledon. "Oh yeah, that's true, Patience says. Gosh, Zabaleta should be ashamed for the rest of his life!"
Nico doesn't mind being called a "rat" - his nickname is "raton" (which can mean young rat or racoon in French). "Nothing wrong with being the guy the others don't like to get 'lumbered' with. It's fine for me."

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