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Re: one handed tennis, anyone?

On this topic, I have a lot to talk to about, so it may be best to stop here for now before I wear you guys out. In the coming weeks, I hope to talk about the disappointments in one handed tennis--Blake, Gasquet, Gonzo, and Robredo, to name a few...

Nah, I mentioned him...and I bet against him today. I love his talent, and I am not the type to get down on a 21 year old guy like him, but he is not there yet. If I was, I would have backed off Federer. But Gasquet, while still evolving, shows none of the fire of a Roger Federer. Right now, Gasquet is an incredibly weak favorite. When Roger was still up and down, he was at least a fiery guy with a could tell how disappointed he was when he underperformed.

Gasquet is too gentlemanly. He doesn't seem very upset with himself after many a bad loss, or during. Even when he is playing at the top of his game, Gasquet loses to counter punchers b/c he isn't aggressive enough. Too many times have I seen a Ferrer or a Nadal or guys of that ilk beat Gasquet. If he wants to beat those guys, he has to take some initiative. If he thinks rallying all day with them is the way to go, then he is a fool.

But tactics are not his strong suit. At 21, with a Wimbledon semi now on resume, I can't go crazy. He is still learning the game. As much as you question how a guy with a great serve, a great bh, and who volleys nicely in doubles can't put it all together, Federer had not yet done so by this age.

Roger though, could play at net in singles. He came in a lot in his first few Wimbledons, most notably, in defeating Pete Sampras there. Yes, the game is different now, but not so different that coming in can't be effective. Gasquet's fellow Frenchman, JW Tsonga, showed as much when he beat Gasquet at the AO,in the way he played Andy Murray and his demolition of Nadal, who many feel, and mistakenly so, is impervious to pressure.

One last note on Gasquet before coming back to him in a later entry: his behavior in the most recent Davis Cup does not bode well. When Guy Forget tells you to get your ass out there and play, you do it. If his finger was so blistered up for the potential Roddick match, how would that have changed in a few hours time to play Blake in a meaningless match? He doesn't just lack tactics, he lacks toughness. Not everyone is an Andre Agassi who will develop toughness over time. With all of France's great players, it wouldn't surprise me if we didn't see Gasquet play DC for quite a while. And when your own teammates are interviewed on national tv, like Mathieu, and says, "maybe he didn't want to play Roddick", you better rethink some things.

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