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Re: Clay season Thread 2008

Originally Posted by MacArthur View Post
About the movement, I've seen the highlights you posted on the Gilles Board, and I was under the impression that sometimes he was wasting time on special movement like (sorry in french, no idea of the english words) les reprises d'appui pour passer d'un coté à un autre ou certaines courses vers l'avant.
I don't know either how to say that, but I love to learn new words, if anybody else can help. The little hop just before the opponent hits the ball (to be able to move in another direction) is called "split step", as far as I know, but that's not exactly the same as "reprise d'appuis". You mean he was wasting time on the direction changes?
I didn't notice that, but I'm terrible at noticing this kind of things. I was focussing too much on the opponent too in this instance, but I actually forgot pretty soon about the knee by watching Jo, I expected him to look more "hampered" or cautious in his movement. I'll try to pay attention to it if I see him practicing in Hamburg.
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