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Re: Clay season Thread 2008

Thanks for the compliment, Fran

If you feel bored about translating, you can let the french text and I will give it a try. But if it's too long, you should just give a brief résumé (I know I will do that )

About the movement, I've seen the highlights you posted on the Gilles Board, and I was under the impression that sometimes he was wasting time on special movement like (sorry in french, no idea of the english words) les reprises d'appui pour passer d'un coté à un autre ou certaines courses vers l'avant.

Anyway, what's really intersting is that he seems to greatly enjoy the surface and he has some weapons in his game who will be deadly on clay, like his touch with the dropshot or his knowledge at the net. So we have something to look forward in the future at Roland.

Yeah and l'équipe is his usual self. they adore make a semi-quote out of context one day, only to be followed the day after by the entire quote like saying " see, this guy is not as bad as you think " and, for themselves " you, fool, you've bought us two papers for one quote ".
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