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Question When and how do you start to like Andy?

Since we don't have much news now, I think we'd better find something interesting. I'm looking forward to hear your stories.

Well, I started to like him when he beat Sampras at Miami Open in 2001. Sampras, driven by the success in Indianwells, said Andy still had to wait for some days(or years, can't remember) to beat him in the pre-match interview. In fact, Andy only waited for one day. Sampras was a bit embarassed after the match. I don't hate Sampras but I found this was so funny since there was hardly any funny thing happen to Sampras.

I also found Andy very funny, modest and talented(good-looking, too ). For example, when they asked him who he would play mix-double with, he said anyone apart from the Williams sisters because they served harder than him.

Anyway, I started to like Andy utill now. My story is plain, how about yours?
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Same, Miami '01 when he beat Sampras.

I thought he was cute and smart and self-deprecating, and I liked his exciting game (the big forehand gets me every time, at least on the men's side). I still feel the same.

I just like the kid. I think he's super.

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Well, I first knew about Andy in the start of 2000. There was already hype about him. By the time I first saw him play, I hated his guts with a passion. I hated the way the commentators acted like he was the greatest thing since sliced bread and the George Foreman grill. I was like all those dorks in GM who hated him for that reason. I mean, I think I hated him for more than a year, yeah! I was so happy when he lost to Hewitt in the '01 US Open quarters. but after that match, I realized Roddick is really good. He's NOT going to go away. I have to get used to them kissing his ass like they kiss Agassi's ass and I can't despise him the way I despised Agassi because then if Roddick got really successful, I wouldn't be able to bare it. Nobody likes to see the one they hate so much perform so well! LOL! So I mean, I basically forced myself to like him in the new year, 2002, and he's been one of my favorites ever since. The things about him I exaggerated and blew out of proportion in order to hate him are why I love him. I love his personality, he's a clown on court, he's intense, he's hyper, he's a comedian, he's critical, he's aggressive, he's intimidating, he's controversial, he's a hottie! What more could I ask for! I adore him now and I think hating someone just because the hype around them annoys you is stupid. You find yourself collecting the dumbest reasons to hate that person and you believe the dumbest things said about them. And when you hear how nice they are, it's stupid and hard to hate a nice, sweet person that doesn't physically or emotionally do anything to you piss you off. And you wanna try so hard to put the good things you've heard aside. So I don't recommend that guys. It's stupid, lame and torture. I LOVE RODDICK!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!

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Wow, Mrs_Guga, what a U change.

But true, all the media attention isn't his fault. I know many hate him for that, I feel sorry for him sometimes, and I think those haters don't really understand.

And Hurley, I now like his game a lot, before I didn't have much chance to watch. I thought his serve motion was strange at first, but I think that's quite beautiful now.
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heh, i first heard about him when he won the back-to-back titles in atlanta and houston in his first year, but I didn't think much then, coz i haven't seen him play before, i just thought that he must be pretty good. and then andy really caught my attention in the French Open match against Michael Chang, i was so impressed with him after that win!! not to mention he's the first tennis player i've seen to tear his shirt off on court, lol. so anyway, yeah, i started liking him ever since, and I still love to watch him play, he's such energy on court, it's incredible. it sucks that those haters hate him because of the media, coz it's not his fault that the media focus so much attention on him. in a way he's a victim of his own popularity, oh well, but we fans all love him and that's the most important!

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Lucky you don't have to watch Andrew Ilie, rodsgal.
I agree, he's probably a victim of his own personality. But we still like him.
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Last year, when he succesfully defended his title in Texas. But before that, I was already hearing all the hype about him so I got interested and wanted to see for myself.Luckily, he was playing as soon as I opened my TV.

I was like: "Who is this guy.......he IS good."

And after seeing him beat Sampras, I was even more in awe. Thus I started following Andy's activities and am now a big fan of his game and personality.

(good-looking too )

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heh....that hairy guy?? lol...yeah, i'm glad about that, heh. and yeps, you're right...we all love Andy, and his personality...i won't change anything about him...those who don't like him are just jealous, lol, ok, that sounds so teenybopperish, but well, i have nothing to do...heh

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well actually i've just recently been a big fan of tennis, but mostly the WTA and i really hated the ATp, dunno why????? anyways, i was watching the 2002 US Open and they were always showing the men's matches so i decided to watch it anyways. i figured hey tennis is tennis right? so anyways it was Andy Roddick's match and it was the amazing match he had in the 4th round against Chela. before this i never even knew who the hell he was, so i didnt know he had already won 5 tournies, and that he was really good and all the hype and everything. i knew absolutely 0 of him. but after like literally 10 seconds of watching him, i knew i really really liked him and have been a HUGE fan ever since. i was just lucky that i actually saw that match coz that's what got me. simply amazing

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I started to like Andy when I saw him play against Chang at Roland Garros (I think it was in 2001) He played 5 sets, and he had cramps and so ... but in the end he won, and it was just an amazing game!
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I didn't watch that match with Chang, but from the three-minute news I thought he was a fighter.
Was he crying after pulling out that match with Hewitt? All my sympathy.
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yeah he was...i was so sad for him...i think he was actually crying on Tarik's shoulders...poor boy

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I haven't followed tennis for too long (a lil less than a year)...but I've seen bits of random tennis matches here and there before that time. I think it was the 2001 Legg Mason that I saw Andy and liked his passion for the game.

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i liked andy when...

the first time i've watched andy was the game between younes and him, i was starstruck on how good he played and the stamina he has. they were both good and decided to win but unfortunately they didn't. then i've watched the match between andy and mik youzhny (whom i adore!) made me realize he's really agreat player, he beaten mik (i was disappointed, really). now his name is a household name bcoz he's the boyfriend of mandy moore, but that doesn't count to his popularity. does it?
well, things are going pretty well, maybe a bit more better if he won't have any injuries anymore.

continue rocking andy!

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We don't care about Mandy Moore, as far as she doesn't affect his career. But I guess Andy's more popular than her in the world.
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