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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Originally Posted by Fumus View Post
I saw that too but Brooklyn said all along he would retire after next years OPEN. Let hope he can stay injury free for the rest of this year (next)
When did Brooklyn say something that specific? I mean, that's when I assume he'll retire, and wish it would be after this year's, but she just made a side comment about it if i remember?

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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

We will see what happen. Andy said in June something liike "Everything is possible. Maybe I'll stay and play for two or three more years, I don't know, We'll see"

At this point just be happy for 2013 season.


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Last dance, Andy
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Here come the Roddick retrospectives......

Building a Legacy
The Gift of Roddick

“If I win one, it’s like career appreciation day. Then if I lose one, it’s like we should take him out in the field and shoot him in the head.” — Andy Roddick after a 6-2, 6-1 drubbing at the Olympics by Novak Djokovic.

Rest assured nobody wants to exterminate Andy Roddick from the men’s professional tennis tour. Muzzle him, perhaps, on those occasions he takes out mounting frustrations on courtside officials. But Roddick is at the point in his career — documentable decline, if not sunset — when a general valuation is almost unavoidable.

A decade has passed since Roddick burst on the scene, all serve and American swagger, in stark contrast to the emerging Swiss imperturbability of Roger Federer. He will turn 30 on Thursday, during the first week of the United States Open, the one Grand Slam tournament he has won, in 2003, but where he has fallen to the 20th seed.

Happy birthday, Yankee Doodle Andy, and know that those who might dwell on expectations unmet appear to be greatly outnumbered by those who celebrate your 32 tournament victories and nine consecutive years in the top 10 (through 2010) and the unbridled passion and playfulness you brought to the sport at home just when the most serious men’s star power was shifting abroad.

“To his peers, Andy has been someone to admire — winning the U.S. Open, a Davis Cup title and being No. 1 in the world,” said Justin Gimelstob, a serve-and-volley player turned broadcaster and a longtime friend of Roddick’s. “For an American kid, that’s pretty much the tennis trifecta.”

Gimelstob added: “Has Andy always treated people the right way? No, he hasn’t. Is Andy perfect? No, he isn’t. When people see tennis players complain on court, they are usually seeing the worst of us, and it gets real easy from the broadcast booth and the stands to go with the negative. But anyone who says that Andy isn’t a good guy or has been an underachiever doesn’t know him or tennis.”

Sam Querrey, 24, was a rising junior when he watched Roddick, then 21, pound Juan Carlos Ferrero into the Flushing Meadows hardcourt for his one Grand Slam title. It was logical to assume that Roddick was taking the baton from Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, about to run the next leg in the continuum of American dominance.

“I think because of Andy having to follow those guys here and then Roger taking it to a completely different level, I’m not sure some people understand what a great ambassador Andy has been for the game in the U.S.,” Querrey said.

Querrey was 17, contemplating his pro future, when Roddick invited him to Austin, Tex., to trade ground strokes and give him a sense of what to expect on the big-boy circuit.

“This was about the time he had been No. 1 and won the Open, playing Federer in the Wimbledon final back to back,” Querrey said. “So when Andy Roddick calls, you drop whatever plans you have and get on a plane. He had me stay in his house, treated me like a little brother.”

Querrey noted that even as Roddick began his descent, he took the teenage Ryan Harrison under his wing.

“I think he feels that was part of the responsibility of being the No. 1 player in the country,” Querrey said.

Roddick’s brother John said Andy was bred to be a team player, as the youngest of three boys who also flourished in baseball and basketball.

“Football was the one game we weren’t allowed because our parents didn’t want us to get hurt,” said John Roddick, who became a college tennis coach, at Georgia and now at Oklahoma, after mentoring his brother as a young pro. “But you could see by the way Andy loved Davis Cup how much he appreciated the camaraderie of sports.”

Patrick McEnroe saw some of his older brother, John, in Roddick’s need for escape from what otherwise is among the loneliest of athletic professions. In his prime, Roddick’s best friends were Davis Cup teammates like Mardy Fish and James Blake. In a sport in which the men’s and women’s tours operate largely in parallel universes, Roddick befriended Venus and Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.

McEnroe said we could all say what we will about Roddick’s results, but the effort to be the best he could be was seldom lacking.

“I’ve been critical of his strategies — that he hasn’t adjusted his positions on the court, taking the ball earlier,” McEnroe said. “But you could never question his willingness to put it on the line, to leave everything he had out there.”

McEnroe added: “You know, it’s easy to compete when you know you’re going to win. But there was a Davis Cup match we played in Madrid, and we’re down, 2-1, and Andy’s got to go out and play Rafa Nadal on clay. He went into the lion’s den, knowing he was going to get buried, and he never once went through the motions. To me, that’s the definitive Andy Roddick.”

In that sense — Roddick as the inevitable underdog against the balletic Federer and the ferociously athletic Nadal — the broadcaster and former American top-10 player Jimmy Arias argued that the notion of Roddick as an underachiever was wrong.

Arias said: “He hung in there for a decade with what I would call the greatest players of all time and with a couple of holes in his game, especially on the backhand, where you could attack him. You could almost go the other way and say he’s overachieved for the game he’s had.”

From the European perspective, Tommy Haas of Germany, at 34 one of the ATP Tour’s most respected players despite never having won a Grand Slam title, said he only wished he had had an uninterrupted run like Roddick’s.

“As good as it gets, in many ways,” said the oft-injured Haas, acknowledging the exclusion of the chosen few. “I think at the end of the day, when you come from a country that had a lot of tennis history, these questions come up. Now you have it from Switzerland and Spain and maybe Serbia. But maybe 10, 20 years from now, it looks different again and you have a few American superstars.”

In that Grand Slam scheme, compared with America’s storied past and the current axis of Federer, Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Roddick was almost destined to disappoint. But is that really his doing, or his problem?

“There’s no birthright that because we’re American we have to have a No. 1 or 2 in the world,” said Brad Gilbert, who became Roddick’s coach for a year and a half shortly before the 2003 United States Open. “We expect it and want it, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen.”

Still, Gilbert said, “sports can be cruel,” and the tennis gods were unmerciful to Roddick when he misplayed a high backhand volley at 6-5 in a second-set tiebreaker against Federer in the 2009 Wimbledon final and wound up losing, 16-14, in the fifth.

“He’s up a set and 6-2 in the tiebreak and then has that makable volley at 6-5,” Gilbert said. “He takes that set, he probably wins Wimbledon, and now you’re going to look at Andy in a completely different way.”

Instead, Federer broke Sampras’s record that day with his 15th Grand Slam singles victory (he now has 17) and Roddick, as Gilbert and others agreed, was never quite the same.

“I saw Andy that night,” Patrick McEnroe said. “We were going to play Croatia in Davis Cup soon after and he pulled out, naturally. I think that match really hurt him inside. You could see it on his face, like he knew maybe he wouldn’t get another chance like that again.”

Federer defeated Roddick in all four of his losing Grand Slam finals and has trounced him, 21-3, in head-to-head matches, but he has always been quick to defend him. When Roddick upset him in Key Biscayne, Fla., in March, Federer issued a diplomatic admonition to quibbling American reporters and fans.

“He’s still very good,” Federer said. “I hope you guys give him more credit than he’s getting at the moment. He’s a great champion, and, yeah, enjoy him while you have him.”

Roddick’s best may be much better than it is going to get for American men’s tennis in the foreseeable future. The next decade could move along much more slowly than the last.

Congrats to Andy Roddick, 2017 Hall of Fame!

"I beat him the last time. He's lucky I retired." — Andy Roddick on RF

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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
When did Brooklyn say something that specific? I mean, that's when I assume he'll retire, and wish it would be after this year's, but she just made a side comment about it if i remember?

Originally Posted by leng jai View Post
Anyone who says any player has no chance against Dolgopolov is clearly trolling.
That's the gospel.
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

1) that's tennis-x
2) I don't see anything specific there

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Celebrating 30 on Roddick's 30th

Every year, Andy Roddick celebrates his birthday with a few thousand of his closest friends at the US Open, as fans have sung “Happy Birthday” to him year after year on court. This year, the Austin, Texas native celebrates his “golden birthday,” as he turns 30 on Aug. 30. In honor of his third decade, we highlight 30 achievements, milestones and fun facts about the young tennis player who, over the past 12 years, has grown up before our eyes to become one of America’s best.

The fastest serve Roddick has officially clocked (155 mph) came in a Davis Cup match against Vladimir Voltchkov on Sept. 24, 2004, in Charleston, N.C.
As a junior player, Roddick won both the Australian Open and US Open singles titles in 2000.
Roddick was ranked the No. 1 junior when he decided to turn pro at age 17 in 2000.
Roddick burst onto the scene at the start of 2003, when he defeated Moroccan player Younes El Aynaoui in a five-hour battle at the Australian Open quarterfinals, 4–6, 7–6, 4–6, 6–4, 21–19.
When Roddick first began working with coach Brad Gilbert in the summer of 2003, he was 21 years old and sporting visors during his matches – until Gilbert came along. He convinced Roddick to "get rid of the Fred Couples visor” in an effort to present a tougher look to his opponents.
Shortly after Gilbert joined his camp, Roddick had a breakthrough year in 2003, when he finished the year as the No. 1 player in the world.
At the 2003 US Open, he won his first (and to this date, his only) Grand Slam title when he beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in the final 6–3, 7–6(2), 6–3.
Roddick’s US Open title almost didn’t happen, as he was two sets down and facing match point against David Nalbandian in the semifinals before coming back to win it 6–7, 3–6, 7–6, 6–1, 6–3.
In the past, Roddick has dated singer/actress Mandy Moore, who was with him when he won the 2003 US Open.
As a baseball fan, Roddick has had the chance to throw the first pitch at several Major League Baseball games, including Game 2 of the 2003 playoffs between the Oakland Athletics and the Boston Red Sox.
In 2005, American Express, one of the US Open sponsors, pitched a multi-million dollar campaign leading up to the US Open centered around the question, “Have you seen Andy's mojo?” The campaign hinted at the idea that Roddick’s “mojo” had left him and he couldn’t play well until he found it. Commercials showed a personification of “Andy’s mojo” leaving Roddick’s body while he slept and partied while using Roddick’s American Express card.
Following the American Express ad campaign, Roddick lost his first-round match at the Open, falling to Gilles Muller in straight sets. This commercial aired following the loss.
The summer of 2007 saw a 24-year-old Roddick featured on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine, in which he appeared incredibly buff. After seeing the doctored photo for the first time, Roddick joked, “I saw the cover, and it was pretty funny. Little did I know I have 22-inch guns. Maybe Rafael Nadal wants his arms back?" See the cover for yourself here.
Roddick was selected as one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2006 as the Sexiest Athlete.
In May 2006, then-President George W. Bush named Roddick to the President’s Council of Sports and Fitness.
Throughout the summer of 2006, the media had suspected a romantic link between Roddick and Maria Sharapova, earning them the nickname “Rodapova.” The two denied any relationship, saying they were just friends.
After seeing a photo of Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker in a magazine, Roddick asked his agent to contact Decker's agent so he could meet her. They began dating in 2007, and were married April 17, 2009, in Austin, Texas, where Elton John sang at their wedding reception.
Off the court, Roddick has tested the waters in the acting business, having guest-starred as himself in the television show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” in 2002. Check out the clip here (Sabrina’s comment about Kournikova: zinger!).
He also made a cameo at the very end of the 2011 movie Just Go With It, as the new boyfriend of the character played by Brooklyn Decker, his actual wife.
A-Rod even tried his hand at comedy skits, hosting Saturday Night Live on Nov. 8, 2003 (Season 29, Episode 5) along with his favorite band, Dave Matthews Band. It appeared to be a natural fit for his jokester personality. The episode has since been considered a classic among SNL shows hosted by pro athletes.
Since establishing the Andy Roddick Foundation, the charity organization has raised more than $10 million to improve the quality of life and enhance educational and economic opportunities for children.
Thanks to his charitable efforts through ARF, Roddick earned The Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award in 2005.
In the summer of 2009, Roddick faced Federer for the third time in a Wimbledon final, a match that was without a doubt one of the best performances of his career, and the closest he ever came to winning the Wimbledon title. His 7–5, 6–7, 6–7, 6–3, 14–16 loss set records for the longest men's Grand Slam final in history at 77 games and the longest fifth set in a men's Grand Slam final.
Roddick teamed up with good friend Bobby Bones, host of Austin’s KISS-FM morning show, in 2011 for a day on Fox Sports Radio. The show’s ensuing success prompted the duo to start their own nationally syndicated weekly sports radio show, which debuted Jan. 7, 2012.
As Roddick’s wife mentioned in an interview, a career in the radio show business could be the next move for Roddick after he retires.
Roddick was born in Omaha, Neb., in 1982 and is a huge fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team.
Coincidentally, Roddick’s favorite character in the movie American Pie is Stifler, who is played by Sean William Scott, the actor who bears a striking resemblance to Roddick.
Roddick was honored with the 2004 ESPY Award for Best Male Tennis Player. He was nominated again in 2005.
Roddick has a pet bulldog named Billie Jean.
In his 12-year career, Roddick has appeared on more than a dozen talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Show with David Letterman, Live with Regis and Kelly, and others.
Attached Images
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Andy has just announced that he will retire after this year's US Open.

His match tomorrow night with Tomic will likely be a madhouse. I will be there.

Congrats to Andy Roddick, 2017 Hall of Fame!

"I beat him the last time. He's lucky I retired." — Andy Roddick on RF

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Roddick to retire after 2012 US Open

After 13 years, 32 singles titles, including one Grand Slam, and a world No. 1 ranking, Andy Roddick announced on his 30th birthday Thursday that he is retiring from professional tennis after the 2012 US Open.

One of the most celebrated American male players, “A-Rod” was always known for his lightning-fast serve and powerful forehand. He held the record for fastest serve ever recorded on the ATP Tour at 155 mph, set on a hard court during the Davis Cup semifinals in Charleston, S.C., in September 2004. The record was broken in March 2011, when Ivo Karlovic hit a serve at 156 mph.

He remains the last U.S. man to win a Grand Slam title, which he recorded at the 2003 US Open, the same year he ascended to No. 1 in the world for the first time.

Roddick, currently ranked No. 22, has won two singles titles in 2012 at Atlanta and Eastbourne. He has struggled with injuries in recent years, including tearing a tendon in his hamstring earlier this year, which forced him to retire from his second-round match at the Australian Open, and an ankle injury shortly thereafter in San Jose. In 2011, he suffered injuries to both his oblique muscle and his shoulder, which forced him out of the French Open, among other tournaments. He finished the year ranked outside the top 10 for the first time since 2001.

Roddick, originally from Omaha, Neb., lived in Austin, Texas, his current residence, for much of his childhood before moving to Boca Raton, Fla., where he played high school basketball with fellow American and close friend Mardy Fish. The two lived and trained together in 1999.

He has been heralded since he was a junior player, ascending to the world No. 1 boys' ranking and winning both the US Open and Australian Open boys’ singles titles in 2000. He played his first professional match, a Futures tournament, in 1999 and turned pro in 2000, earning his first ATP Tour win in Miami that year by beating then-world No. 41 Fernando Vicente of Spain.

Besides bringing the power on every shot, Roddick was known for his passion for the game and occasionally for his temper and various outbursts on the court. Off the court, he is known for his philanthropy through the Andy Roddick Foundation, as well as his good looks, having been featured as one of People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ in 2006. Roddick, who became just the second tennis player to host Saturday Night Live in 2003, married Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and actress Brooklyn Decker in April 2009.

Always eager to represent his country, Roddick retires as one of the greatest players in U.S. Davis Cup history. For years, he was the “closer” -- the one looked upon to lead the team and come through whenever it ended a victory. He led the team to its last Davis Cup title in 2007, going undefeated in five Davis Cup matches throughout the year. Roddick now leaves the game with 33 Davis Cup singles victories, second all-time in U.S. Davis Cup team history to John McEnroe, dating from 2001-10.

Roddick always referred to the US Open as one of his favorite tournaments, speaking of the event as a combination of both sports and entertainment and saying he felt privileged to be able to spend his birthday at the tournament each year. Besides his 2003 win, he also was the runner-up to Roger Federer in 2006, one of four other Grand Slam finals he played during his career, losing to Federer each time at Wimbledon in 2004, 2005 and 2009. The most memorable Grand Slam final was at 2009 Wimbledon, an extremely well-played match and serve-fest between him and his longtime rival. Federer clinched with his only break of Roddick in the match and then a hold to win 5–7, 7–6, 7–6, 3–6, 16–14.

Roddick seemed to be saying goodbye to the crowd he loved at the All England Club, where he always had dreamed of winning the title, when he lost to world No. 5 David Ferrer in the third round, waving and blowing kisses as he left the court and bringing speculation that perhaps it was his last time there.

And it turned out it was, at least as a competitor. Roddick will say goodbye to the crowd in Flushing Meadows sometime in the next week and a half, as well, and next faces Bernard Tomic in the second round Friday night in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Whether he ends on a win or a loss, he will never be forgotten.

Rhyne Williams
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream View Post
Andy has just announced that he will retire after this year's US Open.

His match tomorrow night with Tomic will likely be a madhouse. I will be there.
I can see it going either way, tomic reminds me of a young roddick in some ways & we all know how Andy loves to springboard guys careers.

Rock the house Tangy!
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

I'm still in disbelief, I guess. We all knew it was coming but to have it almost be here...I can't contemplate right now. I guess we were lucky to have him this long.

It's going to be so barren when all the old'uns retire.
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Wow! Even though we all knew it was coming, it still is stunning to reach the end of an era. Andy seemed at peace with his decision and, ultimately, that it was what is best.
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

I'm so so sad. Tennis feels empty now.

I don't think i'll be able to bear it if the little Tomic brat is the one to end his career. Only player I can't stand.

Hope we see Andy in the future and he just doesn't disappear completely. His personality brought a lot to the game, and it still can in the future.

His career was outstanding. So proud of him.

Gilles Simon
Dimitrov • Mahut • Paire • Hewitt • Raonic • Berdych • Gulbis • Murray

Thanks for the memories... Andy Roddick.
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Sad time for tennis, going to miss him terribly! definitely going to be hard to fill this void.



CONGRATS LA KINGS 2012 Stanley Cup Champs

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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

I'm a new forum member, but I'm also super sad about Andy's retirement. Found this entertaining video with his career highlights and thought I would share. Hilarious!
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Re: Andy Roddick News Thread

Good luck to Andy Roddick in retirement. I wish Andy could have played a couple more years at a high level but he just can't do it physically these days like he used to. Andy will end up in the International Tennis Hall of Fame some day and deservedy so. He has given alot to tennis over the years and we should be thankful for that.


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