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Here is the second part. I felt free to translate the rest not because I was bored but because I like doing translations. Obviously, it's not an exact translation, as usual, so... don't take it too literally!

Do you feel like you have changed ?
Yes but not like if am big-headed now. It’s just that I was eager to protect myself and I shut down/ cut off from the people. I was getting aloof and I didn’t like that.

The price of fame is also to see the media getting into your private life. Recently, a newspaper talked about a snakewood with a Belgian model..
They can try to get in, they won’t find anything. This Belgian journalist acted like a fool with this story. This girl, I have never seen her in my life. That was phony.

There also have been a polemic with Les Petits As…
This story really disappointed me. They hit things close to my heart: the children, fulfilling promises.. I gave up the legal proceedings but what is a sure thing, I will never go there as long as this man will work there.

Lets talk about the knee injury. When you were told about an operation, it might have sent shivers down your spine.
Oh yes! I am going to play Rome but the possibility of an operation still exists. I will have to see how my knee reacts after my first match, after my second… It’s like for my back: if one day, it doesn’t work anymore, I know I can be operated.

Some people think this injury didn’t appear at the worst period; they are convinced you won’t succeed on clay cos it doesn’t suit your game.
Yes, yes. I ‘ve heard it. I don’t know how people can think this as I haven’t played on clay for a while. But well, I take it like a challenge and I think I can surprise more than one people. Even for myself, I do want to know how I will handle it, if I am going to go to the net… What people say doesn’t piss me off, it doesn’t make me laugh either. It motivates me. I’ve always worked like this. Often, my motivation doesn’t come from myself but from my eagerness to contradict people. Even with a bit of bad faith, if it’s needed. We are all a bit like this, aren’t we?

But do you think you can be good on clay?
There are no reasons for me not to. I am as tough as many good players, I have more power than the average I can hit the ball up the shoulder and on clay, I will have more time to go to the net.

What do you think about the polemic around Richard Gasquet in Davis Cup ?
I think people have gone too far with Richard. Well, I agree he should have been more discreet with his mobile and more enthousiastic on the bench but I think the situation didn’t suit him and there have been problems of communication in the team. I still haven’t understand why he did play the fifth match.. I really have no idea.

He asked not to play the 4th match against Roddick..
So then, it means he was not disposed to play. From what I know, there is someone who decides in the story and it’s not Richard.

By the way, at least it was not you the one sending text messages to Richard during the matches?
But yes, it was. I was writing things like “I feel Paulo’s gonna do it! He’s gonna win!” The day after, when I read all this story about the text messages, I was like “Damn it, It’s my fault! Oh! La! La!” (pretending he was hiding himself under the table)

I know Fran, you are a bit mad at Gasquet because of his behaviour during the CD.. but I am glad to see Jo (and Gael and Fabrice earlier) defending Richard in this (far too exagerated) polemic.

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