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Re: Babolat pure drive

I read all the posts here and I think that you are forgeting that apart from Head and Wilson , there are some other brands which no one even mentions.
For example I have Fischer pro M Number one, 98 and it is perfect for me. It is quite heavy (335grams) and if you are not used to heavier racquets it will torn your hand apart in the beggining, but after some time you'll realise that it has wonderful feel, loads of power and the control is excellent.
Now even I found this racquet lighter than in fact is.
And it depends a lot what kind of string is used!!!

As for Babolat Pure Drive, which is considered bullshit here I think it is not that bad racquet. It is indeed baseliner raquet . Anyone tested here Head MicroGEL Extreme Pro Racquet? My hitting partner has it and I have tested it few times. It is 99% same as Babolat Pro Drive , complitely same thing. Like the people from Head had covered the Pro drive with their colors and signs.
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